A Girl Can Dream.

205623_2668199642316_1674635237_nI’ve had a big and long day. As you can see, I got my hair done and its big change for me, which is what I wanted. A change. The last time I dyed my hair was in 2010, it was right after Halloween and a week after my 19th birthday. Emily and I dyed our hair at our nana’s house. Emily got her hair dyed brown and I wanted the same red I wanted in my hair that Halloween, but everybody was against it. So my mom decided to do a light red. Auburn. After Emily got her hair done first, it was my turn and I had to get up on my nana’s kitchen counter, which is much smaller than ours. So it scared the living hell out of me. We had a lot of family around us, so that made me feel a little bit better. After everything was done, I was satisfied with that color at all. The color wasn’t enough for me.

So after that, I think I vowed to never dye my hair again, unless I had somebody do it at a salon. That was my only thing about it. This is actually the second time I wanted this hair color. I wanted it a few years before, but wasn’t allowed. I think everybody liked me as a brunette. After attempting to put both blonde and red highlights in my hair and failed, I don’t really blame everybody for not wanting to risk it. I wanted to take that risk with this. Even though, after the first cycle my hair was a light brown with blonde streaks throughout. Once I saw my blonde parts, I literally panicked inside because I’ve never really wanted to be a blonde. Having highlights was a different thing. Red was always my color, the first color I got when I was younger while I was having a weekend with my grandma and my aunt and her kids. It only lasted 12 days, but I was still freaking out inside because I didn’t know how my dad would approve of it. Something else, you can’t really see is I actually got my hair trimmed and my bangs are now gone. So hopefully I can stop wearing headbands to work. A girl can dream.