Kings And Queens

I think this day has been a bit boring, considering how good of a day I had yesterday. It’s been one of my drag days. It just continues to go on and on without any breaks in between. This morning started like every other morning, I got up around the time my sister was getting ready for school. My mom was up watching TV in the living room. I was pretty much waiting for somebody to come in my room and get mad that I was up at the butt crack of dawn. Sad part was, as soon as I established I was awake and needed to go to the bathroom, I was already on the laptop and been on both Facebook and Twitter. I had heard my mom and sister talking, and me being nosy, I turned off my fan to hear what they were talking about. I had missed majority of the conversation so I have no idea what they were talking about in the first place. They were talking about what everybody was posting on Facebook about the roads being bad. I guess we had some bad ice form overnight, and instead of being on a delay like they should have, the buses were around and everybody was forced to drive on the icy roads. Smart move, right? My dad kept saying, it was the worst thing he’s seen this winter. I guess he forgot about that big blizzard we had not too long ago.

A lot of kids were putting on their Facebook statuses that they’re parents were making them stay at home. Which is what my parents did with Emily. At least I think so. I was actually my mom didn’t have to go to work today, because it would have been bad to go there without wondering if she’s stuck somewhere. Around 8am, I thought everybody was heading back to bed. It just kind of got quiet and after my sister put my headphones on, I pretty much shut myself out of the rest of the world. For the most part of my day was spent within my headphones. I’ve had them on twice today and I’m actually tempted to have somebody put them back on again. I actually didn’t start feeling bored until around 2pm, but I think my eyes were starting to feel drowsy and it just felt like nap time, but I never let myself sleep. I’ve been listening to music nonstop. The only thing productive I’ve done is try on my scrubs and got caught up on my positive things of this year. I’ve realized that I seriously need to find short quotes to post in my blog posts. The big ones do not work well with me. I can’t write small for the life of me.

I am just now starting to feel like going to sleep, but I am also feeling anxious about tomorrow. I am getting my hair done (just a trim and hair color changed) and I am in need of a change. I love being a brunette, but I miss my red hair. I like the act that redhead’s have the reputation of being fiery and hot-tempered. Even I’m not that hot-tempered, I am fiery, and I’m not afraid to admit that part. I’m going to end the rest of night listening to music. I do have some happy news for you though. I finally got the links to watch the Vampire Diaries episodes to work today. That’s another thing I spent my afternoon doing. I tried not to complain much, but the commercials were getting on my nerves. Last thing, I promise. I finally got to hear New Kids On The Block new song and loved it! I actually like it more than Justin Timberlake’s new song. That’s not good considering their not from my generation. I also found out one of the bands I’ve been really into lately Amaranthe, released a new single called “The Nexus” but everytime I go to look for a link and the links they provided wouldn’t work for me. I hope I don’t have to wait until March to listen to it. Anyways, I am finally caught up on everything and done for the night!