I think after getting inside my car right before we come home, makes me think of everything that has happened throughout the day. At the beginning, I was happy. I was wearing purple and black–which never happens! However, my dad covered up the black pants with my purple pants. It was going to get really cold, so I was dressed in layers. I even had two shirts on. I wore my Backstreet Boys shirt along with my plaid purple button up shirt. At least I wore one of my band shirts to wear. My dad would never let me wear my other band shirts. Even if I had another button up shirt to go over it. After I was dressed, my dad put me in my wheelchair and we watched the last bit of last Sunday’s episode of Finding Bigfoot. Everything was going good, until my driver was an hour late, then all hell broke loose. I was mainly quiet, but mad inside. My parents were not so happy, and honestly, even before I got up to my destination, I wanted to go straight home. When my mom came and got me out of the van, I told her I deserved a great, big, giant hug. My ride was quiet and nobody talked. Even though I tried my hardest to make some kind of conversation, but nothing worked.

We didn’t take our normal way, because I actually had a new driver and we went around the high school. We went the way I use to live and saw the old house where I use to live in before I had my surgeries. The scenery was a little different from it used to be. It was a great way to get my mind off the awkward time in the van. I even saw horses, which I use to count as my lucky charm in school. My mom has the same thing, but she has a thing with cows being in water. Just standing the water. Mine was never that weird. I count seeing hawks and horses around. After I practically begged God for a good day. He sends me this little message saying everything would be fine. I needed to stop worrying. Just seeing three horses in a fenced area, brought me into a better mood than wearing purple from head to toe. After seeing the horses, I thought he was going to drop off the other person that was in the car, since we were going back out-of-town. Nope, he took another shortcut and we headed to Jasper. Thankfully, once we got there, I didn’t have to tell him where to go, because he actually knew were it was. That was something good for the start of my actual day. Once we were there, I was finally able to breathe and saw everybody and everything just made me calm again.

It was card club day. We played UNO again. The game is actually starting to grow on me I think. Before the other girl and I went back downstairs, my mom grabbed me and asked if I wanted to see the scrub tops that the nurses wear around. I said, sure. I hadn’t gotten my hug and I intended on getting that hug and once we got into the elevator, she did give me my hug. We went downstairs and looked around, I found four really cute tops. My first was the plain dark purple shirt. Second, was this red and black floral shirt. Third was a tie dye type of shirt that I can’t really describe. It does look pretty though! Last but not least, is my “Valentine’s Day” shirt since I will be at work on that day. It is red with pink and white hearts and black swirls. I can remember teasing my mom about buying themed scrubs for holidays and now I have my first one, but knowing my dad I will be wearing it even well after Valentine’s Day. I don’t actually have to wear these, but my dad is having some trouble finding shirts that match my pants. He won’t let me wear my skulls and crossbones sweater or pants, because they’re not professional. All the nurses seem to disagree with him.

It is now 10pm and it’s The Nanny time. I’ve missed my second episode of The Vampire Diaries, and I actually missed tonight’s episode of Anger Management, just because I was working on this. Overall, I’ve had a good day. It started off kind of lame and bad enough to where I wanted to go back home and start all over. Then once I got to work, I was around everybody and my mood changed. God really helped me get through today. Honestly, I enjoyed today and I’m very happy that I have everybody around me, making me feel wanted. So now I’m going to jam on my iPod and watch TV before my body descides to officially breakdown. So goodnight world, sleep tight. (: