Today has been a little quiet, but yet chaotic at the same time. I don’t know how to really explain how my day went. We had our normal activity when I got there. We decorated different colored hearts to get ready for Valentine’s Day. Instead of making a craft for myself, I usually make something for one of the residents. So that’s what I did today. One of the girls was talking about her future wedding and how her boyfriend wanted to see her wedding plans she has been making with the help of Pinterest. He so worked into that one, because she told us she wanted a country type of wedding, but everything she was showing us and explaining didn’t look very country, it all looked more sophisticated than anything else. Which there’s nothing wrong with that. She told me when she gets engaged that I am invited to the wedding and going to help her. I told her and these were my exact words, “I’m not going if you’re going to act like a Bridezella.” She didn’t like that very much and her response back was, “I’m not going to act like that.” The other girl and I looked at each other and we both said, “uh huh.” She doesn’t understand. I don’t think her boyfriend really understands what he’s getting himself into. She’s fun though.

I got to read my book twice. The girls had some paperwork they had to do, so instead feeling like a burden and being bored. I had one of the girls grab my book from my bag and I read three chapters. I was actually really proud of myself that I was able to keep a conversation and read my book at the same time. I did this at school too. I actually became a professional by the end of high school. I don’t know how I did it, but I can. After the girls were going to go upstairs, one of the girls put my book and socks away, and we went upstairs where I would spent the next three hours until my mom got off work. So once we went upstairs, I didn’t exactly want to start reading immediately, I wanted to wait until everybody went into the dining room to wait for dinner. My mom didn’t trust me with keeping ahold of my book on my leg. So I had to wait a bit until she wasn’t busy to take my book out of my bag and puts it on the chairs and everything after that went away. Except for the damn pain I’ve had all day long. I’ve had spasms (again!) and my lower back was aching, and my left foot even fell asleep. That wasn’t so bad, everything else I could have lived without. So tonight I’m having a half of a muscle relaxer for my leg.