Carried Away

I have been wasting away most of my afternoon. I’ve tired to keep myself awake but when ny mom took her nap, my eyes keep closing on me. Even though I slept for four hours straight last night, I did have another rough morning. My mom had asked me last night if I wanted to go to nana’s at 9am for when she was going to get her haircut. I said, yes, I kind of figured I wouldn’t be awaken around that time and I was right. When I woke up at 5am my eyes got drowsy again, and I rolled over on my left side and fell asleep. I’ve got to stop rolling on my left side, because I’m always falling asleep on myself and it sucks! My mom got me up around 9am and of course, I wanted to stay in bed and sleep for a few more hours. I knew that once my mom had gotten me up though, I’d be up for the rest of the time until she came back to grab Emily. My nana and I had some interesting topics for today. We always have interesting talks, some more than others. I say “interesting” because these topics were much milder than our past topics. Sometimes we get carried away.

Today, I talked my mom into getting me an iTunes card. Before we got to my nana’s, my mom and I were arguing about what I should get a $15 or $25 card. She thought there were only $15 and $30 cards, but I know how much you can get on these cards. I had to ask nana for a $10 just so I could get my mom off my back for saying I was wrong when I knew I wasn’t. So after she went and done my nana’s errands, and when she was ready to go home. I asked her in the car, and she told me that there were only $15 and $25 cards. Ding! Ding! Ding! I told ya so! So she got me a $25 gift card. Usually I make lists of what I want, but I already gave it some thought while I was at my nana’s. Even while we were coming home, I told my mom I didn’t want to buy Five Finger Death Punch’s “War Is The Answer” since it was the only one we didn’t have yet. My dad has been telling me that I should buy it online and I’ve been giving him that look of, “well if you’re good I’ll buy it for you.” So guess what I did? I bought the last eight songs we needed and when I went to tell him, you could literally see the excitement in his eyes like it was Christmas all over again. I have at least a week to enjoy these songs before he was memorized the lyrics to each one and drives me crazy again.

Here was my iTunes list:

  1. Nemo – Nightwish
  2. Sleepwalker’s Dream – Delain
  3. Milk And Honey – Delain
  4. Euphoria – Xandria
  5. Amaranthine РAmaranthe
  6. See Who I Am – Within Temptation
  7. Pale – Within Temptation
  8. Dying Breed – Five Finger Death Punch
  9. No One Gets Left Behind – Five Finger Death Punch
  10. Crossing Over – Five Finger Death Punch
  11. Burn It Down – Five Finger Death Punch
  12. Falling In Hate – Five Finger Death Punch
  13. My Own Hell – Five Finger Death Punch
  14. Walk Away – Five Finger Death Punch
  15. War Is The Answer – Five Finger Death Punch
  16. Happy? – Mudvayne
  17. Bring It – Trapt
  18. Amaranth – Nightwish