Happy Friday!

So I’ve got to say, for the start of my three-day weekend. It has been a good day all around. I had a few things I could do without, but I also had a few good things  too. I started off my day at 7am, (yeah, considering I got more sleep than I’ve had in the last two days, I get up at the butt crack of dawn) and my mom was up with Emily, so she took me to the bathroom and usually she just puts my blanket on me and tells me to go back to  bed. This time around, when she took my cup to get me a fresh pop she brought a paper plate along with her. I thought it was chocolate at first, but it ended up being bagels and cream cheese. She must have gotten it on Wednesday or something, because I sure as hell didn’t know we had it. My view of having chocolate for breakfast went away on good terms, because bagels with cream cheese is just as yummy!

I stayed up a little after Emily left for school. My mom went back to sleep and I stayed up and went online. Checked Anette Olzon’s blog, Twitter, and Facebook. Before 10am, I found myself lying down on my bed and in the fetal position, slowly drifting to sleep. I slept for three hours. I woke up kind of ticked off at myself for going back to sleep, since I didn’t think I was that tired, but I guess I was. A little after I got up, my mom feed me lunch. She had gotten me Cheddar Bacon Ranch from Subway. Usually when I first wake up I’m not in the mood to eat anything. Apparently, my mom is the same way too. So she waited a bit before giving me my sub. In the meantime, I was trying to get through last night’s episode The Vampire Diaries. The CW website always messes up on me, so I honestly hate watching anything from that site. When I miss Law & Order: SVU and I watch it online, I never have that many problems with it, “knocks on wood” I know not every website is perfect, but come on! It’s Vampire Diaries here! So I’ve decided to wait until the season is over and buy the season on DVD in the fall. Yup, it sounds worse than it did in my head.

I like shopping and I’ve been looking for coats, because I’ve been using my old handy class jacket for this cold weather. Two things, if it was my decision, this jacket would be tucked away in my closet. My dad doesn’t understand that anybody who has graduated, wears them anymore. Unless they’re dating somebody still in high school, they might wear them, but since I don’t date younger guys, this sucker needs to go. Second thing is, there is no hood to it. My mom also can’t grip me very well while I’m in this jacket either. I mainly use my sweater when I go places. I don’t care if it’s snowing outside, if I’m coming home with mom from work and I have the class jacket on, there’s sometimes were I know she doesn’t have a good grip on me and she also knows, I’m kind of sacred of being dropped (blame it on my fear of heights!) and landing on a very, very cold concrete, it’s not going to be pretty. So I need a good jacket and I can’t find any of the kind I want. I’m actually tempted to ask my parents if I could get a leather jacket. I already know the answer to that though. Hell no! My mom did say I could get a Five Finger Death Punch hoodie. Winning!

I’m unsure to talk about this or not, because everytime I go to talk about something that’s coming up, plans change on me. I’m going to go for it, because I’m excited about it! I have some leftover money from Christmas and I have no idea what to do with it, so I had a good thought this afternoon. Since my mom has been driving me crazy about getting my hair cut. I do have enough money to get my hair dyed too. So I am paying for my hair appointment and I’ve never done that before. As much as I’d like to get my hair purple, I don’t think my hairdresser would like having purple dye on her fingers. I don’t even think they have purple dye that doesn’t last for 12 days. I want something that’s going to last until my brunette roots takeover again. So I’m opting out on the purple for now and I want red again. Not that auburn crap I had a few years ago. It wasn’t enough for me. You could only see the red in good sunlight and at that time, there wasn’t a lot of it to show off my new hair color. So I want it as red as Jen Ledger of the band, Skillet. I love her red hair! I want the same tint and everything. My mom likes the color, but she thinks the paleness of my skin won’t look good with it. My heart is set on having this color. If I can’t get purple, than this is as crazy I’m going to get.

I’m going to leave you with some music I’ve been going crazy for this week.

Both songs for awesome to go crazy on head banging! Now I’m going to lie down and get ready for my shows. Have a good night! (: