But I Know The Heart Of Life Is Good.

So today is Thursday. Today was supposed to be a good considering The Vampire Diaries is returning, but our channel for The CW has been off air for most of the week and earlier this morning I checked to see, if it had been fixed and it said, that the channel was no longer broadcasting. That can shatter a heart quickly, let me tell you. The night was all the way ruined, because I still have Anger Management on tonight too. So it starts up in five minutes and I’m so excited! I’ll get up tomorrow morning (or afternoon) and watch it online. Don’t want to, but I guess it’s only my option as of now. So I’m trying to get through this post as fast as I can. Not working out like how I want it, but that’s okay. I can multi-task, I’ve done it all night!

Today started off at 3am. I got only three hours of sleep last night. My stomach acted up all night long. After my mom left for work, and Emily left for school. I somehow went back to sleep and got up at 9:30am. I had one of my favorite drivers and the one time, we talk like a bunch of rambling idiots, I forget to text my mom that I was on my way. So when we got there, nobody was outside and it was actually kind of weird, because there is usually one or two nurses out there whenever I get there. We got there pretty early though so that might be the reason. My driver figured out the gate and let me inside and I freaked out my mom. That part wasn’t so bad, but I felt bad for both my mom and my driver. I went into the activities room and the director asked me, if I wanted to cross off something on my bucket list. I said yes, even though I was a little scared. She brought in half a jar of Nutella. I’ve got to say, Nutella’s pretty yummy! I now understand why Giada De Laurentiis loves it so much!

We played UNO again. I almost won twice and I was being sassy today I guess, because the other director was holding one of the other residents cards for them and she knew what I was doing. I have played the game for almost four weeks now and I haven’t won a single game. Luckily for me, I’ve accepted that I’ll never win a single game. I’ve been losing at UNO since my cousin and I have been playing. After we played it for three rounds, we went into the dining room to play Bingo with some ladies who come to help out. I remember playing Bingo in school and never being good at that game either. I don’t have good luck with games apparently. We played four corners (which after the first round I had to ask, what that meant) and after that we played cover board or something like that. I think that’s what it was called. I can’t think at the moment. Anyways, that was the only time I won. Which I guess I should be happy about that, but it kind of discouraged me, that I am no longer good at Bingo. It was still fun though. Nothing like making a fool out of yourself twice in one day.

I brought my book to work today so I could have something to do while my mom was still working. I like being around the upstairs residents and nurses, but I do feel like I am in the way. I am also kind of quiet sometimes too. My mom has been suggesting to bring along my Kindle but my third book of a series I’m reading isn’t on my Kindle. So I brought my actual book and a little after I got upstairs, the residents were having dinner and so I thought that was perfect timing to read in the living area. It wasn’t so crowded, even though the TV was on, it wasn’t so loud and it was a nice vibe to read a book. I read my book for almost three hours. I thought my hips were going to break because when I usually read my books I take breaks and lay down on my bed. I can’t certainly lay down in my wheelchair and I was lucky I had a good chair and the book actually worked with me. I got to Chapter 6 when I started at 2. I’m so excited that the fourth book is coming out next month! As much as I hate getting asked by my dad what kind of book I’m reading. I like having a physical book to carry around. I’m already liking this book too!