107804984800372989_7ySZSh8k_cToday has been very boring to be honest. I do have a few good things though. My mood has been pretty good. I got to go back to sleep this morning (that almost didn’t happen) and when my dad went to the store earlier today, ChiChi came into my room. Usually whenever dad leaves, she stays in the living room, underneath the blanket on the couch. This time after he left, I hollered for her and she rarely comes to me when I did this, but she came in and smell my new thingy, I don’t have a clue of what they’re called, but you lean them up against a wall and its supposed to comfort your back. My nana used to have one when I was little, I used to use it a lot at her house. My mom’s friend was selling hers and only I wanted was the brown one, she ended up giving us both. The other one is hot pink. You can guess what that one is.

After she checked that out from top to bottom (literally!) she came on my bed. She practically jumped onto my bed and ignored my face. She never usually does that. So apparently I had to work to get any sort of attention from her. So I leaned as close to her as I could without falling off the bed and she ignored me again. The entire house was quiet as can be, it actually creeped me out. I had watch TV before, but it was on commercial when she came in so I muted the TV. ChiChi was not as sweet as I’m use to. I had to call her to my face probably five or six times until she gave in. I love getting puppy kisses! Then after she decided I didn’t deserve anymore kisses, she laid on my blanket until she heard dad unlock the door and ran as fast as she could to check and see that it was really him. She’s our little guard dog.

Tonight, I haven’t been very hungry. I’m really hoping my sister and I aren’t getting sick with the flu. That would suck. Especially, since her birthday is next week. Around 6pm, dad came into my room and asked if pancakes sounded good for supper. Surprisingly, it did. Both Emily and I had went to our social networking sites to let everybody know that dad was making pancakes. They were awesome, by the way! I haven’t had them in a while and certainly have never had them for dinner before. Usually anytime I have pancakes, my stomach hurts afterwards. This time my stomach was good. It didn’t bother me as much. As dad was fixing them though, I was trying to finish my book on my Kindle and just a little bit ago, I am really glad I finished it too, because I’ve had the third book since my birthday. It’s about time I start that sucker! I still have like four books I need to read too. Okay, I got to go. Goodnight.