Help Is On The Way

66780006946299619_mtg49SAH_cI don’t know how to describe today, because of all this incoming weather we’re getting I am thinking less, which means no over thinking. I’ve noticed when it’s raining outside or storming, my mind is asleep for most of the day. I want to lay around and be by myself. Today, even though I’m usually by myself majority of the time. I also finally got to watch two our of three movies, my mom got me on Wednesday. They go back tomorrow, so I planned this pretty well. My body isn’t feeling so good though. I really hope it’s not the flu. Everybody seems like they’re getting it too. I can handle a cold, but not the flu. So I think that’s why I chose this picture quote to describe my day and my feelings of today. I’m hopeless but hoping. Goodnight (: