72496_2621060343863_768030067_nIt is finally Saturday, even though I thought it was Saturday yesterday. I confused my papaw yesterday about that. He was looking for the sports section in the newspaper and he was checking his basketball game times, so I almost got myself in trouble because since I thought it was a Saturday, I told he had the wrong paper and almost started looking for Saturday’s paper. Confused yet? Thank God my nana told me it was just Friday. It seriously felt like a Saturday to me, my mom was off and Emily was gone. I somehow told my brain Emily had work, but she didn’t, she was at school instead. That should be your warning that I think way too much. I’m good today though. No confusion today. Even though my mom, sister, and I spent the day at my nana’s. Had lunch and when they left to do her errands, I watched the IU game with both of my grandparents. Like I put on my Twitter, I would have liked it to be Butler instead, but it did make me think of something to add to my Bucket List. I want to go to an IU and/or Butler game one day. The atmosphere just looks amazing to be around. I’d like to go to a game with both teams up against each other.

Outside today, feels like spring. It is so crazy, but in a good way though. We’ve had all that snow and now we’ve had two good days of nice weather. You see this picture, right? This is what I wore today. To make things even more hilarious, my mom didn’t go outside to check how cold it was before she took me out to the car. So I didn’t wear a jacket or socks. In her defense, I probably wouldn’t have either one when we were about to go home from my nana’s. The shirt is a new shirt and my last shirt I got for Christmas. It has sequins on the second shirt, but it is so soft. I have no idea where she got it. I got the leggings from Body Central. I also wore my necklace but not my bracelet. I guess I should be happy my mom remembers to put on my necklace, but my dad never puts on my jewelry. He always forgets. I’ve never worn jewelry, but changing that this year.