Sleepwalker’s Dream

Well, I’ve started my night on the not so right track. I have been paranoid pretty much all day long, and like my eyes keep looking everywhere around my room. Which is usually a good thing, because whenever they get like that, something is crawling around on my floor. So I knew something was there, I just didn’t see it right away. Well, like I said, my eyes saw something and it was a cricket on my little lift where my drink goes so if I get thirsty than I can get my drink myself. It wasn’t a big cricket but I know how those suckers jump, so if I hadn’t seen it at that time, then it would have jumped on my bed and I’d been screaming in horror. I don’t like bugs, can’t you tell? Hopefully I won’t get anymore surprises, but I am looking around my room, just to make sure nothing else is around here either. I would like to go to sleep tonight without worrying about little insects crawling around and might jump on my bed. My dad would get mad and then I’d have to hear about it for the rest of the weekend. Not fun.

Today, wasn’t like my evening. I actually thought I was going to spent my Friday at home. I had asked my mom yesterday, a little bit before we went home from work. What we were going to do tomorrow (meaning today) and she told me “nothing” but she did tell me I might go to my nana’s, but I didn’t know if that was set in stone or not. Last night, I got so much sleep that I didn’t hear the mini thunderstorm we had and to make things extra funny, I think I prayed in my sleep. I had prayed before I went to sleep, but after the second time I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt like I was praying that I would stop being paranoid. It was really weird and a little awkward too. So let’s just say that my nana loved me for telling that little story to her. We talked different things today. None of the topics we talked about, were the topics I had planned on. I’m still trying to figure out how we even got on these topics. Today, was good, it wasn’t rainy and it was actually a little bit warmer too. Almost of all the snow has melted away, there are patches around town, but not as many as there was earlier in the week. I’ve heard we’re suppose to get more snow next week too. Not exactly excited about it either. I think I would rather have snow than rain though. With all the rain, coming home last night from work, my wheelchair is really dirty. It does not look pretty.