Today has been an interesting day for me. It was a working day for both my mom and I. It was also a day where I was supposed to get picked up an hour early. I thought since I got up right on time on Monday and wasn’t tired most of the time, I was going to sleep in until my dad woke me up. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. What did happen, was when my mom got me up this morning to take me to the bathroom, I went back to sleep, I got up around 9am. Both of my parents think I didn’t go back to sleep after my mom left, but I did. When I did wake up, I was wide awake so, of course, my dad doesn’t believe me. I can never win, but that quickly went away though because I had some exciting things happen to me after I turned on my laptop. I went on Facebook and found some notifications. When I got Twitter, I didn’t expect anything since it was pretty dull the day before. I hardly got any tweets yesterday. So to see two small tweets on my mentions from two verified accounts, I was pretty excited! I got replies from Chris Kael from Five Finger Death Punch and the symphonic metal band, Delain. I was so amazed that when I told my mom this morning, I almost cried because I was so happy!

When I got up this morning, it looked gross outside. I almost told myself maybe I should stay at home, but after the mess I put my toes through the last two days, that wasn’t going to happen. I went to work and surprisingly didn’t forget to bring anything. I was wondering why I had gotten up early to begin with, so it was because I didn’t forget my papers or anything else. Honestly, I was more concerned about my papers than my other stuff. How sad is that? The girls did love my Bucket List though, but I think they also liked my foot writing too. Everybody seems to like my foot writing. On some good days I do too. We played cards at the beginning of the afternoon, and of course, I lost. It was our longest game though! Took us a half an hour to get someone to win the game. It was still fun though! Afterwards, we chatted some more like girls do, then we went out on a van ride around outside of Jasper. My mom gave me some medicine for my headache and while sitting in the van, I almost fell asleep. I am still surprised I’m awake now. We got home almost two hours ago, and if I had a new The Vampire Diaries on tonight, I missed it and not only that my normal channel was “Off Air” and so, I was screwed even if I had gotten home early enough to watch the full episode.