Good Things For Today.

So I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow, because guess what I got done with today? My bucket list. It took me three pieces of paper, two days, and one screaming to get it done. I’ve got to say though, as I was writing out the entire list on paper, I started actually thinking of some of the ones I had selected and after I was officially done, I got rid of some and fixed a few others that needed to be fixed. Funny thing is, literally after I was done with it. My mom came in my room and said she got me some new pens and I had to “try” them out when I couldn’t because my toes were hurting so much. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything sort of writing. I’ve used markers this week, but that’s it. I don’t know what’s up with my left foot. One of the things, I’m worried about as I get older is getting arthritis in my left foot. Since I don’t use my right as much, only for when I text laying down and typing on the laptop. It never hurts me as much as writing with my left foot does. I can deal with the pain though, as long as I take breaks with it, I’m usually fine and trust me, I took like four or five breaks, but other than that I usually push myself to try to finish. Which is what I did at the end. I knew I only had a few left so instead of taking a small break, I kept going and afterwards, even though I was done. My toes were hurting bad.

Let’s have something good to talk about, I got something in the mail today. I thought it was a Christmas card from my friend Nevena, but instead it was from Iva. I didn’t know she was going to send me something. I have another card to add to my new mini project. I want to put all of my cards I get from my online friends on the back of my door. Just tape them along my door. Her card made me realize I hadn’t mailed out my packages. They are VERY late, but I don’t think they’d mind that part. Hopefully this weekend, I can have my mom or dad send them off for me. If they can find them. I need something else that’s good. Hmmm… Well I’ve been up since 7am and I haven’t been feeling that tired at all. Which is good, because I’ve got Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Happily Divorced so I’m excited! I’m actually happy I got both on Facebook because that’s the only way I know if they’re new or not. Isn’t that sad? That’s how I know if there’s a new episode of Last Man Standing too.  Last good thing I have to share, my mom got me movies for the weekend. I’m kind of wondering if this is my warning that this weekend is going to be boring? Just a thought. She got me Ice Age: Continental Drift, Men In Black 3, and Sparkle. This is what I’m going to do on Friday, is have a movie day! Whoohoo for me!