524605_442671565786088_1680949444_nI’m finally at home, after a long day at work, even though my mom had an even longer day than me, it still felt pretty long for me too! Today was my first day back after the snow blizzard we got on Christmas day and after it became a new year. So it was my first work day in 2013. I have to explain last night before I get too ahead of myself. Yesterday, I stayed up for 13 or 14 hours and when I thought I’d sleep for hours last night, it became a restless night instead. It was stupid! I think I got like five hours of sleep last night and it wasn’t in a row either. So when I woke up with my mom this morning, I was awake. I had been for almost two hours, so after she took me to the bathroom. I thought I’d go right to sleep. Oh heck no! I didn’t go back to sleep until 9:30 and then I got up again at 10:30am. I spent most of the time at work laughing. talking, being creative and keeping myself from going to sleep on myself. It was so difficult to do. My mom was having trouble too. She was even worse than me.

Today though, the girls and I talked about different things. One of the things we talked about was Pinterest. One of the girls, hadn’t started her account until this past weekend. She got an iPad over Christmas, so she was showing me that and her DIY pins she had found. All of us girls are kind of addicted to it. I’m the only one who has the most followers and the most boards than anyone of us. I definitely call myself an addict to it. Even though I’ve got to say, I can keep myself away from it for a couple of days, but after those two days are up, I go right back to it. Then somehow we started talking about our bucket lists and we started talking about what we would want on ours. I told them that I already had one and I began naming some, but not a lot of them were coming to my mind when I really needed them too. However, now that I am home, they’re popping up. Thank god I got two days off, so I can make a list for them to look over. Give them some ideas.

It’s Monday, so we had a crafty corner. Which is pretty fun for me. It gets me to open my inner child and gets me coloring. Our creative genius, came up with the idea of making snowmen with paper plates. She drew on the paper plate to make a snowman. There were four or five residents doing this, and I started doing mine and I wanted to do something different. So I did a “snowgirl” instead, she had pink, blue, and purple hair. A purple and black polka dots scarf. I just dazzled her up! It was the one creation, I was actually looking forward to bring home with me. Considering my first masterpiece I ever did. I gave to one of the residents. My second was the hand painted ornament that broke after it fell off my mom’s cart. So I was really hoping to bring this sucker home with me. I almost didn’t get to, because after I was done. I showed it to one of the residents that I like a lot. He thought it was his, and I didn’t force him to give it back, but I asked him if he wanted me to make him one. He said that was okay, so I made him one with red ear muffs on and it even had his name on it. He said he’d put it in his room. It made me smile.