Life Ideas

524605_442671565786088_1680949444_nI saw this other day on my personal Facebook. I thought it was a really cool idea, that I think everybody who says they hate their life because nothing good happens and at the end of the year, they judge by all the negatives that happened instead of the positives. So doing something like this and keeping everything good close can change your whole outlook on the year you went through. I am doing this, even though I know I’m a few days off, I’m still going to do it. That and I’m also doing something else with it too. I’m dating each day and if I think I didn’t have any positive things happen on that day, then I’m doing what I’m doing on here. I’m posting a quote in place of what happened.

It says you can use a jar, but you can use pretty much anything that has a lid. Yesterday, when my mom was taking us over to my nana’s I had asked her to get me some post-it notes. When she gave that look of “why?” I told her this idea and she actually said it was a very good idea. I don’t have any jars. So I am using a wipes box instead. My mom and I were thinking though, the only bad thing about this is that if I use it than my dad might accidentally throw it away and so she got the idea of wrapping it in wrapping paper we have left over from Christmas. Right now, I have an old wipes box, post-it notes, a black and purple pen my mom gave me, that I may not give back. I suggest everybody at least attempt this idea and see what happens. It’s like writing yourself a letter and opening it in 10 years. I also want to do that too, but I keep forgetting about it. I might do it this afternoon who knows. Have a good day/night! (:

A Lot Of Fashion, And A Little Of The Wild Side.

03I am sorry about not posting anything yesterday. I didn’t get any sleep the night before and I had family down, so I was away and using any energy I had around so when we got home, between my sister and I, we were exhausted! I took a four-hour nap in the afternoon and when I woke up, thankfully my parents were awake and they feed me and took me to the bathroom. I was ticked at myself for sleeping so long, but then again somebody could have woken me up too. It was 9pm when I ate and I had my mom put on my headphones so I could wake up, because I figured I was going to be up for the rest of the night. I think I had my headphones on for half an hour and I was literally falling asleep because I had turned it down a little. After I ate, I felt sick to my stomach and I took off my headphones, rolled over and went back to sleep. I woke up twice last night and both times I managed to go back to sleep. I was shocked! Of course, I had to wake up early. I woke up at 6am and at 8am, I started feeling tired again. I am NOT going to take a nap today, because I know I’m not going to have great sleep like that again.

So since I missed doing my post yesterday for a “post something of the 365 days of a year” I have for this blog. My mom was supposed to get up at 8am, but I guess wanted to sleep some more, since she got up at 9am instead. She washed my hair and I had some time with ChiChi and then she got me ready to go over to my grandparents house. I got these really cute skull pants that she got them at Hot Topic and gave them to me for Christmas. I know my dad isn’t going to let me wear them at work, so my mom is my only hope with letting me wear them. I also got this oversized sweater that my mom found at Vanity and it was a substitute from the original sweater I wanted. I also wore my new jewelry I got for Christmas too. My mom got me a “M” necklace and my friend Tabby got me a friendship bracelet. This is the most dressed up than I normally get when I go out. My mom had to take a picture of me, because she thought I looked pretty good. I should be thankful that both of my parents have very good taste in style. After she had tried taking my picture four times with her new phone, she told I looked pretty and said I had a lot of fashion and a little of the wild side.

I hadn’t been out of the house since Christmas because of the snow that has been on our porch and our driveway. I didn’t know how much we got until our ride to my nana’s house. The snow plovers had a LOT of on each corner. It was ridiculous! Our yards still have a lot of snow and so does my nana’s, but it looks so pretty! Anyways, getting me out in this stuff was the bad part of it, because there might be ice underneath it too. So you really don’t know which you’re standing on. Once I was inside, it felt nice and comfortable. It was nice to be around other people too. My mom and sister went to do papaw’s stuff and while they were out. My nana and I were looking a prom dress magazine and then all of a sudden, my Uncle Rick and Aunt Linda were here. We hadn’t seen me for a while, and they brought down lunch. Linda had brought some stuff she had made and the other stuff was microwavable. Considering we had seven people sit at a somehow clean, but small table, it looked like we were able to have a five course dinner. There was a lot of the table, but it was all so good! We were telling stories about different things, and it was really fun to be around them again!

Emily’s boyfriend came over after we ate and before he had his basketball game. Em had said that he had a rough night, because he got elbowed in the eye, it was black now and he sprained his ankle. Poor guy! He started walking into the house and was limping. We felt bad for him. However, when we asked him if he was going to play last night’s game. He said he’d play until he’d tore something. I immediately said, well if you do that and end up in a wheelchair, we can have a race. He, being a guy in all, agreed to it! I’d kick his butt, just saying! I’ve had plenty of practice at this. Anyways, when we were ready to go into the living room. Bailey pushed in there and actually had better driving skills than my own mother. It was the push wheelchair so it isn’t that complicated, but you could still hit the corner of the walls and TV stands. When he tried to turn me around, my toes almost hit my nana’s TV stand. I tucked them away just in case. Emily told him no pop-a-wheelies either. That sucked! We were in front, and nobody was in our way, he could have done it. He was a good sport! When we all got into the living room, most of us were stuffed to the core from eating so much, that moving was limited, but not impossible.

As my grandparents and Rick and Linda were unwrapping their belated Christmas presents, I was just sitting in my wheelchair, trying to stay awake. My mom had went to do my nana’s errands before Bailey came over and she came back after we had opened our gifts. We talked some more and then a little after Bailey had to leave and then mom decided we needed to leave too since it started sleeting when she went outside for her smoke break. When we got home, dad wasn’t there. ChiChi was all excited to see us. My mom put me in my room and when she went to get her phone, she came back with Emily and did something with her phone and I kept looking at the clock and wondered to myself, “I could get an hour nap” but I tried to stay up, but it was no use. I crashed around 4pm and that’s when my “one hour nap” turned into a ten-hour sleep. It is just 11am and I feel like I could fall asleep right now. I’m in for a long day.