Good Day

I’m doing this pretty late in the day because not much has happened today, but then again, it’s actually been a good day otherwise. It’s evening now and my mom should be coming home soon too. I’ve spent most of my day listening to music, watching TV, and I even tried to watch Ted. Last night, I actually slept more than I did the night before, I was even surprised. However, I still woke up pretty early. I woke up at four in the morning, but found a way to go back to sleep. I was happy I was sleeping, but I had the same nightmare twice in one night. I hate dreams that give me a different outcome of something I’m planning on doing the next day. I don’t have them that often. Thank God. When I do, I try not to give them a second thought, but I usually get them once a night. Not twice. So I kind of gave it a second thought and acted on it. I woke back up five minutes before my mom was about to leave for work. I actually thought she was going to forget to take me to the bathroom before she left, so I was going to tell her about my decision. Since it had to do with getting out for work today. We were going to try to give it a go, but I let my nightmare get the best of me, In a way, I was happy with my decision, because I wasn’t worried about it and I could get some sleep after she left. Which actually happened too. I told her about my reason and after she left, I went back to sleep.

Around 11:30am I got back up again, this time I stayed up. I had my mom tell my dad about not worrying about getting me ready in the morning for work. She told him about it and said she’d call my ride and cancel. Well, around 12:25pm, I heard a car come into the driveway and I was really hoping it was dad pulling into the driveway, because I had accidentally texted him and I never heard his phone go off (I didn’t have anything on) so I just thought it was him. Then all of a sudden, ChiChi started barking and I heard knocking on the front door. I knew it wasn’t dad then. They knocked, I think six times before my dad got up, because he was sleeping on the couch with the dog. This is the one time where having ChiChi as a guard dog is a good thing. Because if you’re in a deep sleep, she will wake you up. Trust me. My dad and I were kind of confused because mom said she called, but my driver called to check and they said they never got a call. My theory is, my mom’s new phone messed something up. She was having problems with it last night with trying to get phone calls, so I can kind of see that being a problem for her, but who knows really?

At 1pm, my dad went to get lunch for us and I ate and watched some TV. I watched VH1’s Behind The Music documentary about the rapper, Pitbull. I’ve already seen it once, but somehow managed to miss the very beginning of each time. In my defense, I was watching Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? and then once it was commercial I found this and switched it over. After it was over, I couldn’t help myself with listening to him after watching something about his life. Then I noticed, the WHOLE afternoon and even now, I’ve been listening to hip hop music. It’s been a while since I’ve actually listened to hip hop longer than two minutes. Before I started watching Ted, I realized that I haven’t been a fan of any “new” hip hop act, besides Nicki Minaj. My sister is in love with Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. She liked rap music, let’s just say that! She’s always liked rap music though. I use to be really into rap music too, but then I got out of it. I like listening to the “old” songs I use to listen to all the time.

I tried watching Ted, but that didn’t work. Everybody says it’s good and funny, but I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t get into it. So I stopped watching it. I listened to music from my iPod because out internet turned off. So I listened to some rock ‘n roll for a while. I probably could have went to sleep again, but I didn’t. I started watching Secret Access: UFOs On The Record. After my dad teasing me about turning on and off our porch light last night, that he was signaling the aliens. Something about this just kind of got me in a trance. So I had to watch it. It wasn’t so bad, even though if I ever saw one of them or their ships, I’d feel the same way I’d feel about Bigfoot. Scared as crap. That would be the one time, you’d get me to shut up quickly. Then at 6pm, I started watching Reba, my dad made me dinner and when my show was on commercial I switched it to The Brady Brunch and started watching it. I have to stop doing this, but both times were good though. I still love that show! Now, here I am, back to watching Reba and listening to hip hop. Today was a good day to me.