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155805_478453522191952_2078037123_nI thought yesterday was never going to end. It seriously drove me crazy. In the past year, I’ve tried thinking of the three good things that happened that day to make sure I think of them before I think of all the bad things that happened instead. It makes you think of positive things instead of the negative. This was my last picture of 2012. It was a pain in the butt to try to do, but after three chances, I finally took it and it turned out better than I thought. By the way, this is the edited picture. This is one of the shirts I got for Christmas and I wear it with pride. I had a lot on my plate yesterday, but after thinking of the positive things it brought along with it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. My mom got movies for me and made sugar cookies. Plus, one good thing for me, it was my first New Years without any alcohol. I wasn’t offered anything, but I never wanted it. Although I did think of it twice, but I never acted on it.

I spent most of my day, staying in my room. My parents went to my neighbors and had their fun. My sister got her boyfriend to come over last night. I was all alone. Again. I think staying in my room all night long was the smartest choice I ever made. I was a big bitch yesterday and I didn’t want to scare the living crap out of my sister’s boyfriend. I spent most of the afternoon watching the fifth installment of Resident Evil and loved it! Afterwards, I took a break from watching movies and listened to music for at least half an hour. I started watching Total Recall around 5pm and that took me a while to get through. It was a long movie, and it was confusing in places. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if my mind wasn’t ready to explode after my morning. Anyways, I got through it and totally regretted saying it sucked to my mom. It wasn’t so bad at the ending. It just didn’t seem it wanted to end. There were like four perfect places where movie could’ve ended, but nope. It had to keep going on and on. After that was over, I put in the one movie I was excited for than the others. My mom finally got me, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I wasn’t into the middle of it before I gave up on it. It wasn’t getting me into a good mood like I wanted it to.

Around 11:30pm, I decided I couldn’t force myself to stay up any longer and I didn’t care if the new year was going to start without me, I was tired and just not in a good mood. I did my prayers and was ready to drift off to dreamland. Then my mom and ChiChi decided to ruin my chance of ever getting to dreamland before midnight. My mom grabbed my remote and changed my channel to Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve. It just wasn’t the same without Dick Clark. I had to roll around from my comfortable spot and ChiChi decided it was time to give me kisses. Before I was ready to go to bed, one of the thoughts that came to me was “you’re not going to get kissed tonight so why bother staying up?” Apparently ChiChi can read minds now. As everybody was counting down to the New Year, I was pushed up against the wall because ChiChi was trying to give me doggy kisses. My mom was even holding her back and she was still squirming around in her arms, trying to reach for me. After my mom said “Happy New Year!” She released the hound and she practically pounced on my face to lick my face. I don’t know if it’s sad that a dog has to get me into a better mood. After fighting her off, I had every energy I wanted earlier and I stayed up for a bit.

I slept for an hour. One freaking hour people! I was ticked, but I kind of figured. For the next five hours I spent trying to get comfortable in a unconfortable bed, where it felt like I was sleeping on a pile of rocks and on top of a volcano. It was hot too. I don’t know about you but I like sleeping out of both of my nostrils and with my mouth closed. What was worse though, I was paranoid throughout the entire night and couldn’t get my mind to shut up. Maybe watching Resident Evil was a bad idea after all. When it finally turned 6am, my mom’s alarmed blared from the other room to tell her it was time to get up. I guess that was my time to finally calm down and fall asleep, because that’s what I did, but five minutes later my mom gets up to take me to the bathroom. I had a nice nap that’s for sure. After she left my room, I had to fight my mind and bed again, but not as long this time around. I only stayed up an hour and then somehow managed to fall asleep again. Guess what time my dad gets me up though? 2:30pm. He wakes me up and says to me, “you better wake up so you could at least get some sleep tonight.” Like that’s going to happen, but sure let’s go with that. That’s how I spent the last day of 2012 and my first day of 2013. Hopefully tomorrow is better. =)

Here’s To Us

155805_478453522191952_2078037123_nHello to all my readers, it is finally a new year. It is finally 2013! I don’t know about you all, but I am so glad it’s a new year, because I am looking forward to moving on from what I learned in 2012 and keep going on the good things that it brought along with that. I wanted to talk about something I saw on Facebook last night before we even talk about what I have in store for this blog in 2013. I had read on somebody’s Facebook that they thought everybody making resolutions and thinking they can make it better the year before is just a waste of time, pretty much. Well, since I was in a wonderful mood yesterday, they were lucky I didn’t post anything on a comment. I think you can make resolutions and stick with them. At the beginning of 2012, I made mine and kept mine for almost three months. I mean, I kept mine longer than most people do. I do think you could have a better life at the beginning of a new year, if that’s what you want. Nothing wrong with it. How my mind is, at the moment, they had a right to say that, but I don’t know I think you could do all those things, if you put your mind to it.

Now back to what I have planned for the new year for this blog. I think I have blogged about every memory I could think of, so I thought while I was trying to get some sleep last night about instead of blogging about memories, I am going to blog every day about what I am doing at the moment. I’m going to give you, as a reader, a better chance to understand my life. I am going to try to blog every day about my ups and downs. I know its going to be difficult for me to be doing on my difficult days but that’s my plan. It wasn’t part of my resolution, because I think it’s just safer for me to have one resolution to keep track of for one year. So I’m going to leave this post the way it is, and start the first page in chapter 2013. Here’s To Us!