Something That You’re Currently Worried About

Why is it everytime we want something or need something to change our peace of mind, we freak out too? I’ve gotten myself in a fluster over something that might be smaller than a nail on our new porch. I’ve had a long weekend, and tomorrow not only does my mom go back to work after this six-day weekend but so do I. It’s really weird that I say that, because it shouldn’t be considered a job, since I’m volunteering, but in my family it’s something new for me and even though I’m not getting paid to do it, I’m getting out of the house. So it’s got the good things about it and its bad things about it. This is what I’m currently worried about.

Tomorrow I will be getting ready to spend my afternoon with the people my mom works with, she works at a nursing home. I’ve visited there twice, and both times it hasn’t been longer than 20 minutes and both times it was my mom’s days off. This time around, instead of my mom going, a program that takes handicapped to different places is taking me. So it will sort of like a bus,┬ábut it’ll be a van,┬átaking me to school, and weirdly enough if we don’t take the new interstate, we will actually pass by my old high school. I remember riding the bus for school, and having different subs as our driver, and it wasn’t too bad. This time around, it’s all new for me. I don’t know who is going to take me and I don’t know if there will be other people in this van going places either. I’m happy that my parents don’t have to take me, but then there it’s less stressful for me, but it would be less stressful on them to not take me. Even though, I’m pretty sure my dad would rather take me if my mom hadn’t called them about me. Also, they wouldn’t have to take me home, my mom said she was going to take me home after she gets off work.

Another thing I’m worried about is the next week. I only work two days a week. This week, both days my mom will be working so it won’t be so freaky for me for my first week there. The fact that I’m going to spend seven hours there, just terrifies me. My mom told me earlier that since Dancing With The Stars finale is going to be on for two hours an hour after she usually gets home. She told me we’ll be too tired to watch it. I told her I’d probably watch it, but now I’m starting to think about it for a second. It’s been two years since I’ve actually sat in my wheelchairs for more than an hour. I’m glad that I’m not sitting in a push wheelchair for that many hours. I’m going to have to tell my mom to pack Advil for me just in case. I wish I had a medium size purse, so I don’t have to stuff my crap in her purse. I’m taking my iPod and headphones for the trip there, money, phone, possibly Advil, and gum. Maybe later I can get my mom to look for an old purse of hers in her room. I still need to look for my iPod case. My wheelchair needs to be charged. I need to lay out clothes for my dad, that way I don’t have to worry about fighting with him that day. Oh, and I have to wash my hair too. See, I told my mind is spinning around in circles. I’m going to need to God for a good day tomorrow it looks like. Wish me luck!