Surprise, Surprise

(I started this post last night)

It has been two days since Thanksgiving, and I think tomorrow and Monday are going to be my relaxing days. However, I think I’m going to add drawing and doing some Christmas cards too. Today has been a dull day. Family went back Friday afternoon. It was a fun Thanksgiving, even though getting it started and while we were eating was actually kind of depressing, but I’ll get to that in a minute. My family and I went shopping on Black Friday, and we were only supposed to go shopping around town, but everybody was being smart as well. So we ended up changing our plans and went to Wal-Mart and drove on the new interstate, which was a bust! It was longer than we all thought and there were no signs to tell how fast you’re suppose to go and on one highway, there were no lights. It was a bitch to be honest with you. Today, I went over to my nana’s for the third day and it was a lot slower and quieter but it was the one time where I wanted it to be louder like it was two days before. So let’s start at the beginning, starting with Wednesday.

Wednesday, I don’t remember much. I think I woke up late, something like around noon. My mom had texted me about some good news, some news that I actually forgot about. The good news, I got a volunteering job at my mom’s work. This is the change I’ve been praying for and hopefully it will give me some independence I once had back when I was at school. Anyways, I got like two text messages from her and forwarded her message she gave me, to my nana (to find out my mom had already told her) but I got to tell Emily, who was probably freaked out. She came into my room to change my clothes and I was really excited, I was smiling like an idiot and jumping up and down. My mom had sent my dad text messages so there was no need to tell him, but I did it anyways. I was that excited! After that, I got to ride in my sister’s car to my nana’s because we were going to eat lunch and do some food stuff that needed to be done before the next day. I’m not much help, so I just sat in the push wheelchair and talked. My sister had to make cupcakes (which she’s made cupcakes on two other occasions) and my nana made dip for the vegetables. Emily had to go to the store and she got the fruit and vegetables trays. I was very tempting to dig in.

When Thursday came around, my mom had told me we were going to get up at 7am. I ended up getting up at 6am instead. I was even listening to Spotify to get me into a good mood for the first part of the day, or at least I thought it would. Being at my nana’s with only half of my family that usually comes down was just depressing. I like my time with my family. I love the funny stories we tell each other. It’s also the only time where we can make fun of each other and it doesn’t come back to bite us in the ass later. My Aunt Laurie, mom, and nana made most of the food. My dad (who was sick) made the turkey and green bean casserole. We have to remember for next year to only make half of the stuffing. We had a lot of leftovers of that. Most of us ate the fruit and veggies while we were waiting on everything to cook. I was texting my cousin Kristi. She lives up north and wasn’t able to come down on her only day off. We had told my uncle that we needed to know if he was going to try come down so we could make more if we needed to. He told my mom that he’d try to make it, but his Facebook status said he was in another state and stuck there. It was the most depressing thing ever. While we were eating, I texting Kristi and I felt so bad because she told me she wasn’t celebrating Thanksgiving. My sister’s boyfriend came to eat, and we were eating the cupcakes that Emily had made the day before. Every year, we seem to have a frosting fight. It’s either frosting or whipped cream that gets thrown in the face. Everybody stayed away from me, but Emily’s boyfriend. Yeah, he got slapped in the face because Emily has fast reflexes. It was pretty hilarious, but it surprised the crap out of him.

After we were done eating, we went home, while my sister went to her boyfriend’s house. Somehow, we all did the same thing. We all fall asleep. I still can’t believe I took a nap. My mom had to wake me up at 6 and of course, it was dark! So I wanted to go back to sleep. I was mean and wasn’t cooperating with her. Last year, we took the Wii over and played it, but my mom said none of us probably needed to play it after eating so much. When we got to my nana’s. I had a cupcake and it was so good! Then we got out the fruit and veggies and started eating those again. We were all sitting in the kitchen, well most of us. My aunt, her boyfriend and my little cousin were putting up my nana’s Christmas tree. So they were in the living room. My mom had gotten a text from my uncle saying, “hey, do I know you?” And in our family, surprise visits are a BIG thing. So we instantly thought he was coming up the front porch. He wasn’t there, but my mom asked where he was and he said they were in Gary. Well, about five minutes later, we heard this clear, male voice say something and it surprised us, it was not only my uncle, aunt, and my cousin Kristi. They had all surprised us and it was awesome! My sister wasn’t there, so we decided to get her good. To make things even better. We let her boyfriend on it too! It was probably the best revenge too! My mom called her saying she was in trouble and that she needed to come to nana’s right away. Everybody was moved into the living room, and after the surprise was done. She, of course, cried and got even again with her boyfriend and grabbed another cupcake and got most of the frosting on the side of his face. We felt bad for him.

They left and we were begun our fun chat and it was so nice to have that good atmosphere. not that it wasn’t like that before. I wasn’t depressed anymore, and everything just felt right. Considering how last year’s Thanksgiving went, I really needed this Thanksgiving. Honestly, EVERYBODY needed it. It is a holiday made to be around family. It was the best feeling ever. Right before, we were getting ready to leave or even thinking about leaving. My uncle, aunt, and cousin were trying to find a cheap hotel to stay at that was nearby. If everybody thought I was bad at taking phone calls, Kristi just became the worst caller ever! She had to call three different numbers and only two answered. Knowing my family, we like to laugh at each other, so as she was on the phone, everything she was saying, we were laughing our asses off. During one conversation, I guess the person who was on the phone asked, when they were leaving. Kristi said, “oh, we’re going to leave in the morning.” My mom was outside, smoking and heard what she said and even before she hung up the phone, my mom said “well, it ain’t like you’re going to jail.” We all just exploded and there was no way we were going to calm down after that. Poor Kristi had to hang up the phone and when she did she busted out laughing at what my mom said. Then for the last try, Kristi was asking what the prices were for a double. This time around, everybody was inside and we couldn’t hold it in, we were laughing at every word, everytime she told us to hush, it just made things worse. She hung up the phone and began laughing again and told us the price, but then she remembered to ask if they had TV and internet. So she ended up calling them back and all of us were laughing again, and the poor person who answered probably thought we were prank calling them or thought we were drunk. We weren’t, I promise. Even though during that day, it sounded like a good idea.

When we were in the car going home, my mom and I just felt good. Even though our stomaches were still recovering from laughing for almost two hours. It was so nice to have everybody back in one house and getting along and laughing like we should always do. The last time we all got together was in June and we went to Red Lobster so we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves so we couldn’t go all out like we usually do. My mom and I had a hard time sleeping because I think we had a few more conversations we could have. I went to bed really late, I think it was two in the morning. When it was time to wake up that next morning, I was very ready to get up and enjoy some more family time. We were originally supposed to only go to places in town, but we decided to go to Wal-Mart out-of-town instead. We took the new interstate and it was a big waste. I think only people who are not familiar with the towns where I live, you take the new interstate. It’s just easier that way. When we got there, the parking lot wasn’t so packed like we thought it would. There were 20 people who went with us. Three cars. I think we were all excited to go inside at first, but once we started going around, we went to leave as fast as we could. I got a set of pajamas, their Christmas-y with snowflakes and there are so cute! I also got an iTunes card too. I was a very happy camper!

When we got back, instead of having leftovers from the day before. My mom made French Beard Pizza. My Uncle David is a pizza guy, not a turkey guy. So everybody was scattered around the kitchen. Laurie and Mike’s dog Mila (which is pronounced “me-la”) was around, and she was a nice dog, that day I actually got a kiss from her. She didn’t like the push wheelchair or my feet. Everytime I tried calling her she wouldn’t come near me. I got a lucky kiss. I didn’t want that day to end, because I knew we’d go back to our normal routine and we’ll be back to being quiet and wouldn’t be laughing as much as we did in those two days. We always have next month though, so that makes me very excited! Here it is, Sunday and I’m watching Wizard of Oz with our stray cat that had our two kittens Tubby and Rudy Roo, Bootsie. She’s not really watching it. More like ignoring it and sleeping away on my comfortable bed. I don’t see myself getting any sleep tonight considering how much I slept today. I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving weekend! (: