Small Train, Some Laundry, and A Nightmare.

Blogging hasn’t been my strong suit for the last few days. I’ve missed two-day challenges and I’ve had two really good days being out of the house. So I’m putting everything in one post. So three days in one post. So get comfortable with where you’re sitting and relax. Enjoy your read about these last three, crazy days. (:


On Thursday, my dad had told me about how he needed to get the Turkey for this week and a few other things. Then I started talking about different things that had to do with my DIY projects that I want to give as Christmas presents this year. He knows about them and knows I’ve been finding ideas to do for each person, or try to do. For girls, it’s pretty easy. We’re not that picky and I know what my mom, nana, and sister like so that’s not bad. For my dad and papaw though, trying to decide on them has been tricky to say the least. So as I was explaining about the projects that I was for sure doing, he told me to make a list of things we needed and that he’d take me with him to Wal-Mart and make a day of it. I made this crummy list of things that I needed. I had to look up other ideas for my mom and papaw. Before that day even ended, I had an idea for everybody, but my dad. I’ve also never done any DIY projects before and looking up things online was a bust. I was hoping we’d find things easier in store, but that didn’t go as planned.

That next morning, I got up at 8am. I was pretty excited about the day ahead of me, but of course I was concerned about if dad was sick. My mom had been sick last week and took a couple of days off from work because of it. If we have plans, I always think things aren’t going to happen. Whenever my dad goes to Wal-Mart, he goes like in the early mornings. Not very many people there, so I don’t blame him. This time around, he told me he’d take me with him. Even though he had my money AND list, he could have went that morning. He didn’t get up until 10am. As he was getting me ready, my mom had brought up of taking me to this bike shop that’s near by. He always talks about taking me with him and he’s took mom with him before. My turn. He wasn’t even thinking of taking me with him. So if my mom hadn’t reminded him about it, he probably wouldn’t take me there. Before we even got there, we had a few places to stop in town. I was in his big truck, and he’s got this new boombox that my mom and I just love to pieces! My mom literally wants one in her car. Even though she’s got a good system in her car too. The bass in her car isn’t like dad’s.  And they get mad at me for playing loud music. Hmmmm…

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago. I had made my dad two CDs for his truck. A copy of Guns ‘N Roses: Greatest Hits and my favorite songs by Five Finger Death Punch. He finally caved in after six months! Now I knew he was listening to it, but I didn’t know how much until he started up the truck and “The Tragic Truth” was in the middle and I was like, okay, he just put that in this morning. Oh no, he told me he listens to it majority of the time. No wonder he knows the first verse of both “The Tragic Truth” and “Under And Over It.” I also found out that if he misses one, he will start it over again. I didn’t think he was that into them until that day and when I found out he likes the same songs I do. I was so proud! When we finally got to the bike shop. I got to look around at the nice looking bikes. I also got to meet two of the employees that work there. My dad started talking to them about things. Towards the end of the visit, he told them about my drawings. He had a hold of my phone and he likes to show my drawings and I only have three of them on my phone. He showed them off and I had to tell dad who was who, because my dad didn’t have a clue except for the Nikki Sixx drawing. Before we left, my dad had to point out his favorite bike there. One of the guys, said, they have to wipe off the bike and clean the floor because of the drool he leaves behind because he loves it so much.

When we finally left there, we make our way to Wal-mart to start this damn scaventure hunt to find the things on my small list. When we got there. We started going down towards the arts and crafts department. I got sidetracked and found these cute, Christmas tree, jars that were a $1.98 each. I had an idea for my papaw, it was to get a small jar and put Hershey kisses in it and wrap red ribbon and put a label on it, saying “Elf kisses” on it. Got that idea on Pinterest and thought it was cute. After he gets done with them, he can store his other candies or rubber bands in there. So we grab one and dad almost broke it. Not even in the back yet and we almost break something. That’s us! We finally got to the kitchen section to try to find good jars for this other project I can’t talk about, because I know my nana will want to read this too. Anyways, We found some good, small jars but they had some design on it and decided against getting them after seeing the design. The other jars we actually wanted, they were out of them. So we moved on to the crafts section. Finding glitter was easy, but trying to find small things to store inside a jar was tricky. Especially, if you go to Wal-Mart instead of a creative store. Like I said before, we’ve actually never done this before. We went through the crafts part twice and couldn’t find anything. So dad decides we should the kid section. We were only looking for one freaking thing, and that was a train. Just a small train that would fit inside a jar! We found semis, planes, trucks, cars, and boats, but not one single train. Unless you wanted Thomas the Train, but that’s not what we were looking for.

We moved on and asked one of the ladies that worked there and asked where we could find little figurines and she told us to try to gardening section that was the left side of the store. They had the big Christmas decorations out already and so we headed that way, once we got around that part. The smell of cinnamon and pine overwhelms you, but it smells so heavenly too! I love the smell of Christmas! Peppermint and cinnamon. They had five aisles of nothing but Christmas decorations for your house and tree. We found these ornaments, they were like little rubber duckies but they weren’t, of course, but they were in IU colors and had the logo. They came four in a row, but they were expensive too! $10 for them. All we wanted was just one. Oh, and finding a small train in that part was not easy either. We found little ornaments that we could use, but not a train. We almost gave up, until dad went around again. On the third aisle and third shelf, they were cent boxes of small ornaments, and guess what he found? Three different colored trains. We got him the red and white one, since that’s IU colors. We couldn’t afford the ducks, but I could afford the train easily. After we found everything we could for those projects. So we moved on to his stuff. We finally made it back to our original spot. We were going through the section that have the fake flowers. It was Emily’s turn. I didn’t exactly tell dad that I was making her boyfriend the same present, but we needed a flower and a candy tube. We ended getting two of each. He probably thinks he’s getting one. I don’t think so dude! This is what she and Bailey are getting, Pinterest.

My part was officially done. We found what we could. He had told me he would try to find the rest later on. So it was his turn on the witch hunt. He had to go through the food and grab a Turkey and a few other Thanksgiving items. We were just about to pass the music and movie section. He literally turned around and asked me if I wanted to make a pit-stop here. You never need to ask me that question, even though I wasn’t going to go in there unless he told me I could. I actually thought we were going to pass it altogether, but he knows me well. Once he asked, I left. I was happy nobody was behind me because I was pretty fast with turning towards the CDs. I wasn’t a bad driver with him, because I knew he’d have a fit if I drove like a maniac in there with him. Anyways, back to my story. I was looking for four albums. I found Christina Aguilera’s newest album right off the bat. Then I started looking for Delain, Nightwish, Within Temptation, and Xandria. I knew I was kidding myself to attempt to look for CDs like them, but I actually found a Within Temptation album so I guess it isn’t impossible. Dad asked if I wanted, but I told him no, only because I was already buying the stuff to do these projects I didn’t want anything else. Don’t worry, once I got home I regretted it fully. I was an idiot!

We headed towards the food section. Which was interesting, because I know for a fact my dad did not eat before we left and I only had a small Kit-Kat and I knew once we got to that department, we were liable to cave in and buy anything we found. We went into the candy section first because we needed kisses and tubes of candy for Emily. My dad was texting on his phone,. while I was looking through all the candy and wanted to grab the first sugary thing I found and rip it open and have at it. Next time, I am going to put some Candy Canes in my dad’s vest. We went around to the next aisle and found the Christmas candies, the full row of candy canes and chocolate. We grabbed two big tubes of candy. Weirdly enough, both candies happen to be my mom’s favorite candy and we thought she might think they’re hers. Nope, they’re ours. We already finished the Reese’s cups. We finished that in one day. Oops! Dad got his stuff he needed to get and by then, I was along for the ride. I was starting to get tired and hungry. You know when you’re hungry and when your dad is texting on his phone, and you are walking around where the cakes, cookies and pies are and you feel like you can’t help myself. I even found a Carmel Apple thing, I was very tempted!

I paid for $20 of my stuff, even though I had more stuff to paid for, he ended paying for the rest. Even though, he told me before we left the house, he wasn’t going to pay for my stuff. That came back to bite him in the butt! We headed back towards the truck and he put me in the passenger seat, I sat and started getting relaxed again. We went to Burger King before we left to go back home and had to smell onion rings the whole way back. Thank God music kept us occupied. It was a fun, but long day. Dad said that night that we might do that about once a week, but I’m not holding my breath.


Yesterday was pretty fun too! I didn’t leave town, like I did the day before. Instead after two weeks (because my mom was sick last week) I finally got to go over to my nana’s house to visit. I tried not to tell her much about the day before because I knew she’d want to read about it instead. It was the one Saturday that Emily didn’t have to work. So she got to have lunch with us. We got lunch from Fish Hunt, and we all got small, individual pizzas. They’re usually good, but for my mom and I, the aftermath of eating there wasn’t pretty. Both of us had stomach problems. After we done, mom and Emily went to Washington for some Christmas shopping for one in particular. I stayed behind, I ended up working for my nana. I put her laundry in baskets. Everytime we do this, we have to talk about different things. I talk and try to balance my weight in the wheelchair. It’s not electric, so I had to find my own way to get around in the push wheelchairs. Thank god for carpet! I grab ahold of the carpet with one toe and navigate with that left and balance with the other. Don’t ask me how I learned how to do that, it just worked one day and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Yesterday was a run-around kind of day. Even though that evening, I got pretty bored. My mom had gotten movies, but none I wanted to see. My mom put me in my wheelchair, and I went into the living room. The kittens and Bootsie were in there. My dad was outside somewhere. So all of us, were in the living room. My mom remembered she taped Ellen the other day, they had One Direction. Emily has a BIG thing for them. Sadly, so does my mom. I don’t understand the hype around them. You can tell I’ve turned into a little metalhead when I’m starting to hit the genre of music I grew up on. My mom was doing laundry and dancing throughout the house. It was embarrassing! Emily didn’t want to play Wii with me. Even though mom got her Call of Duty: Black Ops and the movie Elf. After she watched Ellen, Emily put in Elf and she proceed to watch it in the living room and laughed through the whole thing. I had Emily teach me how to play Wii Tennis. I’ve played it before, but I need help since I’ve never played it by myself. I played it twice and changed it to Bowling. I had never played that before, so it was interesting. I had a difficult time to raise, swing and hold down the “B” button at the same time. Thank god it gave me 10 turns. I got a strike and a spare in my first try at the game. My scoreboard was 102. I was pretty proud of myself!


Today was a lot slower. I had a rough night. Even though I went to bed, pretty early. it was either 7:30pm or 8pm. I don’t remember what time I went to bed, but it was kind of early. I had a weird dream though. It was one of those “end of the world” dreams and I like to categorize them into my nightmare slot, because that’s where they belong. I woke up at 3am. I was still half asleep. I woke up to feeling really paranoid, almost like someone was behind me watching me. That always freaks me out. I actually had to fix my TV and turn up the sound so I could calm myself down and thankfully, Friends was on. I turned around and fixed my blanket. I watched one or two episodes, hoping I’d go back to sleep soon. I didn’t want that dream to start back up again. I eventually went back to sleep sometime after that. I woke back up at 8:3am and I was like, what? Again? This would my third day in a row that I’ve woken up at eight in the morning. My mom had her alarm go off at 9am, so I wasn’t too far off. We went to my nana’s again, because this time we had to get Thanksgiving stuff. Emily had to go to work today. I stayed at nana’s and talked about unusually things. Not our usually topics. This time it was about my dream I had and about religion. It was a good chat. It was something different. It just reminded me to do something after I’m done here.

Now it is almost night. I was getting very tired. It’s actually American Music Awards night. I have to watch for Linkin Park, Christina Aguilera, and Backstreet Boys. I don’t think I’m going to be able to keep myself awake for that long though. Emily is supposed to do my nails when she gets back from her boyfriend. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m ready for Thanksgiving to be here. I’m hungry for the yummy food and fun times with my family. Hope you enjoyed this post. I’m going to go lay down and listen to some 5FDP. Have a good and easy week. (:

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