What Kind Of Person Attracts You?

I don’t think I’m that picky when I’m around different people. When I was in school, I use to hang out with different cliques all the time, that I can still remember eating at lunch in the cafeteria and when I’d tell my aide that I was going to sit with my friends, I would literally sit with one batch one day and another the next day. I would jump from one clique to the next. I liked the variety, even though I fully regret being the only senior sitting at a table of five little freshmen, and the only reason I sat there at lunch was because one of the boys was dating my sister at the time. I was attached to him. It was easy for me to make friends with everybody. I didn’t usually judge them at first or get into their business. I knew my limit when I would go from one table to the next. From the time I was in middle school until I was a Junior, I wanted to be pretty much, invited to sit at the popular table. That was always my dream to be able to do. When I was turned into this Senior, I no longer wanted any of that. There were these two girls who did sit at the popular table, but didn’t really interact with the other girls. Both of these girls had been invited to sit at this table (and other tables) since sixth grade. It was pretty weird. I think that’s when I realized I didn’t want to be apart of that anymore.

Living my life, I already attract all flocks of like. People and animals alike. When I go out in public, people would instantly see this young girl in this electric wheelchair. Two things that usually get people’s eyes wandering towards me, my left foot doing my control and half the time I have a jacket on, we never put my arms through the sleeves, because it hurts too much to deal with getting it on and off. So in other words, nobody sees my arms. I sometimes hate grabbing things from different shelves and figuring how to steer my control and carry whatever I have in my feet at the same time. Don’t worry, I never carry anything that’s food or liquid. I am no dummy! Anyways, I’ve had every person imaginable coming up to me and they either stare at me and wonder. Sometimes I even get the braves ones and get asked questions, but those are usually from little kids. Which can get pretty hilarious sometimes! One time I was trying to grab some yarn in the crafts aisle. This employee came by sweeping the floor and he told me, because he was obviously watching me, that he admired me. I can’t take compliments well, so I just smiled back and said, thank you.

So I’m not picky with the people that surround me. I am sweet loving human being. People are curious about me like I am curious about them. It could be the way they dress or personality. With me, people just look at my feet or my wheelchair and it instantly grabs them and won’t let go. I’m pretty sure they regret everytime they don’t ask me about my disability or anything else. They never ask, they just stare. That’s the only one I don’t do, I actually go up to people. I think I hope for people to go ahead and ask about everything they see, It usually doesn’t happen the way I’d hope but it’s still fun nonetheless.

How Have You Changed In The Last 2 Years?

I tried my hardest to get this post up yesterday, but everytime I tried to work on it. Nothing would come out right. It was exhausting. I was almost tempted to work on it when I woke up in the middle of night, but I knew if I didn’t force myself to go back to sleep. I’d never get my sleep back for at least another week. So I have waited until now to hopefully finish it. You wouldn’t think this particular subject would be so difficult to discuss since I have a problem with talking about it constantly, or talking about the last two years. How have I changed? Well, from what everybody has told me in the last year or so, they say I’ve matured more than any other young adult they’ve known. Fact of the matter is, the only people who tell me this happen to be related to me. I feel like I have changed since I was a senior in high school. I was being selfish, I wasn’t thinking about my disability and everything that I have to accept first to be able to move on to the next step. I’ve found out in the last several months though. That Scorpio’s would rather stay at home than go out and party. Staying at home gives me more time to spend on here, listening to music and read books. Everybody knows how much I love doing those three things very much. So in all honestly, that yes, I have changed in little ways. I’ve accepted a lot of things and learned to get through life