As Far As I Remember

Well, I don’t know why, but I’m having trouble starting this out. It’s not like this is my first post or anything. My first ever blog post wasn’t on here. This is my official blog, but it’s also my second blog. My friend Ashlyn gave me this suggestion, what made me start blogging? Well, school started it, but the reason why I kept going was because I liked telling my wacky stories to people who probably need it. We all need something good to loosen ourselves up. Not take things so seriously, especially our lives. My first blog was created in school, and my first post was in October of 2009. So I’ve used a blog to express my thoughts, feelings, and memories for three years straight. I’ve let almost everything out of my body. Sometimes I have admitted to myself that I let the world know too much about myself, but then when I think about it again, how is a reader suppose to think about the bad parts of their life, when I lead this life? I don’t wish this life upon anyone, but nobody takes the things they do on a daily basis for granted, because things could be much worse. I always keep that in mind whenever I think that I hate my life so much, that it could be so much worse and I’m glad God has blessed me with this life.

Yesterday, I thought about my life even more, it was kind of strange really. I was daydreaming again. Everybody was taking a nap, I was closely behind them. I was thinking of random things, and then this one came up so suddenly, it was weird, but in a good way. I’ve noticed lately, I haven’t been talking about life or my past that much. Everybody says, you can’t move on with life, if you keep rereading the chapters before, or something like that. I think I have the power to screw up awesome quotes. Anyways, but everybody has heard of the original quote, and I have to agree with it. I haven’t been reliving the past and have tried my hardest to keep those unwelcome memories of the past away. I do want to move on, and pushing them as far away is possible. You just have to want to move on with life. After a while, you don’t really know that you’re moving on because you just accepting something new is coming along. Hopefully, this “moving on” keeps going and something, but good, comes along soon.