How I Spent My Day :)

It’s been a long, but great day. I’ve been planning and worrying about today, for almost a whole month or two. I’ve had many plans of what I wanted to do. I wanted to incorporate my “bucket list” into my birthday plans. I also wanted to do something that we never do while we are in that part of town. If we go out (and I say “we” as my parents and my sister went) we always go to have lunch at Red Lobster. When my mom drives, she thinks she gets to choose where we go to eat and there’s no “buts” about it. Since it was MY birthday and all, it was my day to choose where we went to eat. So our first stop was at Steak ‘n Shake. Oh! I pretty much grew up on that place. The cheesy fries and milkshakes! I mean, come on, you know you want it right now! I did some thinking about what I really wanted two days before, which was a bad idea. I looked at the delicious looking milkshakes and couldn’t decide what I wanted then, and when we got ready to order, and saw their new special shakes, I couldn’t decide again. My mom ordered a Chocolate milkshake and that’s what I got. Plus, the cheesy fries. My lunch was the cheapest one out of the four of us. I was pretty happy with myself.

Our second stop was at Barnes and Nobles, and I have never been inside a bookstore before and so I didn’t really know what to expect. The place was freaking huge! It was a two-story building, which really bugged me. My sister and I went in first. My dad was smart and went to his stuff. Emily and I tried not to get lost in this other type of Never, Never Land. Once my mom came into the store and found wandering around, not knowing where to go first. When we looked around the first floor and noticed nothing I was interested in was there. We went up to the second level. We went into this elavtor and as we were walking out, it almost closed on me. When we finally got up there, my mom gave me my phone and left me to myself. She told me the night before that she didn’t think we should take my Vampire Diaries bag, because they would have them there. Which she was right, but the books that I was finding were huge, paperback books. They were heavy things too. I had to ask an employee there if they had a small bag so I could stack them in there. She came back with a small mesh bag and I tried to grab ahold of this book and I dropped it twice, after the second time, my mom finally found me,  trying to pick up the book. Remember that list I told you about? Well, my mom brought two different purses, the small she took in with her, but guess which purse my list was in? The big one. So my list was in the car with my dad. All my hard work to get prepared, went to down the drain.

As you can see though, it wasn’t that bad of a time. Some of the books, I was lucky enough to remember the title, cover, and how to spell the author’s name. My first book, I found on my own, and it was Double Time by Olivia Cunning. I haven’t even finished the second book yet, but I got this for when I do actually complete it. Since we didn’t have the list, different books were coming at me one at a time. Majority of the books were found by the employees. If you can’t see the titles very well, from top to bottom, it’s The Dirt by Motley Crue, Double Time by Olivia Cunning, The Stone Girl by Alyssa B Sheinmel, Seven Deadly Sins: Setting The Argument Between Born Bad and Damaged Good by Corey Taylor, By The Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters, and last be not least Skinny by Ibi Kaslik. Nobody’s going to be seeing me for a while. When I finally decided I was done. We had to look around for Emily. We looked in the kiddie section, and didn’t find her there. My mom got a text back from her saying, she was sitting in a chair. We found her sitting in one of the comfortable seats, reading another book I had on my list called, Scars by Cheryl Rainfeild. She was on Chapter 8 at the time we found her, although, I didn’t have my list and everything, I think I have enough books to keep me occupied for a month or two.

When we were about to leave from there, we stopped at Starbucks. If you guys didn’t already know, both going to Barnes and Nobles and Starbucks are on my Bucket List. Emily got her usual. She’s been to Starbucks before and knows what to get. I felt like I was a fish out of water, not knowing what to do to get back into the water. We got up close, so I could see the Menu, and I when I saw it, I just thought it was what I found online. Nope. While Emily got her Strawberries ‘n Creme Frappuccino, I wanted to order a Peppermint Mocha Frappucino, but I didn’t see that, but I did see Peppermint Mocha at the top. All three of us, freaked out, especially my sister. Mine was done first and it was hot. Emily was the first to notice the difference between the two. She had a frozen drink and I got a hot, coffee-based drink. My mom was the first to taste it, she grinned at me, and said it was hot. So then after asking for a couple of ice cubes, she hands me to take a sip. I don’t think I have ever tasted anything so gross. It was nasty! Before we even left the parking lot, all four of us had taken a sip of it and all agreed that it sucked. My first Starbucks adventure was a disaster. Even though it was disgusting, I was happy I could check that off my bucket list.

From there, we were off to the mall, the part we added four days before, because we knew Emily was going with us. She doesn’t usually read books like my mom and I do. Dad left us again at the mall, this time I double-checked everything, hoping nothing was left behind. We went in and my mom had to return her old uniforms she had bought before and Emily and I went around to look at different stores. Our first store was, of course, Wet Seal. We love that store. It has my skull, crazy, animal print outfits, but it also has Emily’s dressy, girly clothes as well. Best of both worlds, right? My mom found us again, wandering around, but I had already a shirt that I loved to pieces. It is winter time, or about to become winter I should say. Sweaters are smart to wear around this time. I got my first sweater. It is white and has a bunch of mini black skulls in the front. It’s so me, and adorable as well! When my mom went to check it out, she told me I was out of money. So majority of my money went on my books. I was shocked. I knew I’d spent a lot, but at least at the mall! I felt like a nerd, and I still do!

The other stores we went into were Body Central, and my only priority getting there were leggings. I love leggings. I love the fact that I have the ability to wear them as pants. Everybody says, leggings aren’t pants, well you’ve never seen my skinny legs before. I hate trying to go into Body Central and going into the back. They never have space for me or anybody that has a wheelchair or a stroller. It’s a mess, really. My mom found the leggings after I had forced myself to get back in the back. They didn’t have any bright-colored ones, but they had this metallic looking leggings, that if they were in gold MC Hammer would wear them. My mom found this interesting looking leggings, they look like jeans, and kind of feel like them, but they’re not. My mom said when we first got into the mall, that she was only buying us two different things for each of us. This was number one for me. After getting the heck out of dodge in that store, my mom and I went into Hot Topic while Emily made her way into Forever 21. We go into Hot Topic and was so happy that there were fewer people in there, than usual. So it was kind of easy to get from part to the next. They, again, didn’t have any Five Finger Death Punch shirts. I was bummed again, so we left and found Emily making her way around the bright, clean store. I like girly stuff and everything, but this was WAY too much for me to handle.

My mom and I found our way out of there and went into a sports store. They had some college and professional teams. When the store clerk asked us if we were finding everything all right, I looked at my mom going completely insane over Atlanta Braves stuff. I looked back at that clerk and went, “well she is.” They didn’t have any Butler Bulldogs stuff at all. Strike two. Next door was Spencer’s and I usually don’t like going in there, for obviously reasons. The last time I went in there, I went with my sister, and it was awkward. This time, mom and I both felt awkward. However, they had rows of different shirts and I saw a bunch of Avenged Sevenfold shirts so I kind of hoped and what do you know, they had one stack of Five Finger Death Punch shirts. Even though, they were all the same, I wanted them all. So you can imagine my face of finding that and my mom having to buy it for me. I was a happy camper. From then on, I wanted to go home.

In the car, listening to my iPod, and looking out the window. I thought about different things. I thought about how life has been for me for the last 20 years, and it’s been very weird, but good at the same time. Every year that passes us, is supposed to be perfect. We weren’t made to be perfect, so our lives aren’t going to go the way we want them to either. Last night at midnight, I was so excited because I love seeing my Facebook notifications blow up and seeing everybody sending me birthday wishes, it’s so sweet. I love every single one I got today. I loved how I spent my day, even though a few years I thought I’d be in Las Vegas and drinking alcohol. Instead, I spent it with my family, the ones who choose to stay around me. Today, while I was in Wet Seal, I looked at myself in the one of the mirrors and thought to myself, “wow! I look pretty cute today.” One thought like that can change your whole outlook not only on your day, but your whole life as well. So thank you for your birthday wishes, they mean a lot. (: