Fall And Winter

I know, I’m a bit early to even have a turkey on here, since the month isn’t even over yet. It’s finally starting to get cold and stay at that temperature. Yesterday, when my mom and I were going outside to go to my nana’s, she asked my dad how cold it was outside. He told us, it wasn’t as cold as two days before. However, his body heat and the actual weather outside are two different things that he can’t tell the difference sometimes. We went outside and I quickly wanted to go back inside the house, because it was freaking chilly outside. It was pretty, with the trees and blue skies, but that is so a trap. I like fall/winter but the coldness itself sucks.

I hardly slept on my left side last night. That’s the side where my wall is, and I could feel the coldness, even if I wasn’t directly by the wall. Usually I keep my purple, fuzzy blanket by the wall for that reason, but what is going on with my sheet, that blanket keeps scooting down the bed by everybody else that tries to fix my sheet. It’s all a mess really. I sleep with my big comforter and it’s nice and huge, but it’s so old too. Last night, I had to sleep on my right side and my nose was stuffed up whenever I laid on my left side. My right elbow would hurt like crap if I stayed too long on my right side. Honestly, cold weather don’t mix well with me at night. I even got a lot of sleep too, but I had so many problems with staying comfortable. It was just a rough night that’s all. I’m just going to have to figure out how to deal with this weather for the next four and a half months. It’ll be worth it, if we actually got some snow this year too.

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