Sorry, I’ve been M.I.A. lately. I’ve been having trouble with different things and most of it, isn’t even worthy to talk about, to be perfectly honest with you. I’ve went to my nana’s twice this week. Been talking about different things. During the first day, my brain felt like it, it could explode at any moment. I had things to vent about and she let loose, so technically, we let our anger out and I’ve been feeling better ever since. Yesterday, was my second day and our topics went to new heights. I’m going to regret ever talking about Magic Mike to her again. She asked and I told her what the movie was about, I don’t know which one of us, regrets bringing up that question the most. I think it’s mutual. Anyways, it was a pretty good day. I even decided on a big decision yesterday. I will NOT be having my first alcoholic drink on my birthday, or ever. If I can keep myself away from it now, then I can control myself from ever having it at all.

Last night, I took a nap around 5pm, and my dad came in and asked me how long I wanted to sleep. I told him I only wanted to sleep for an hour. My mom wakes me up at 8pm. I had a three-hour nap. I was for sure, I was doomed for ever sleeping that night. After I ate and watched some TV for an hour. I was still tired as crap. So before it even turned 10, I asked my parents if they could tape my Blue Bloods and I went back to bed. I remember waking up once, I think it was at 4am. I went back to sleep, somehow, and woke back up at 7am and haven’t passed out yet. Something that drives me crazy, I’ll wake up in the morning, hungry, but I’ll still watch Cooking or Food Networks. I’m a little crazy, and this morning was no exception looks like. In Poland, they have their first snow of the season. I’m kind of jealous, because I love snow, but I don’t want any until after next week. I’ll just count it as a late birthday present from God. Well, I hope today treats everybody well. (:


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