Expanding My Range of Movies.

It’s very interesting when I can watch movies, some movies I judge too quickly. Before I ever watched the movie Avatar, I literally thought it was stupid. It was about these little blue people, living on another planet. Humans are trying to corrupt their world. I think seeing the previews for the movie EVERYWHERE you looked was very annoying. I think it took me another year to finally give in and just see what all the fuss was about, because I had heard everybody loved it. So I watched it once for three hours, and I loved it. Now, I’m starting to do it all over again. This time, it’s si-fi, horror, action movies. Yeah, I’m expanding my range of movies.

It first started with remembering a year ago, I watched the movie, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. My dad told me that he’s been trying to get me to watch it, because it’s a paranormal movie, vampires and werewolves. He thought since I loved The Vampire Diaries, I would like this movie. He was right. I watched that sucker all the way through and shield myself from certain parts, because it was my first si-fi/horror movie. Aside from that, I loved it! Then several months later, another one of our movie channels, played the first Underworld movie. I watched that and was hooked again. I tried to watch the second movie, but it was being played on FX so majority of the gruesome scenes were probably edited out. I’ll rent it one of these days.

In January, I heard the fourth installment Underworld: Awakening was going to be released to theaters and I was pumped, but not enough pumped to watch it in theaters. I can finally get through the gruesome, bloody scenes but all that sound the room, isn’t really worth it. So I waited until it released on DVD to watch it. I watched it before my dad and I thought it was awesome. I’ve also been following up on different pictures and listening to the soundtrack beforehand to keep me company. After that, I hadn’t watched another movie like that, until I started seeing the previews for the new Resident Evil: Retribution. I knew I’d fall as soon as I saw one of the other movies on our movie channels, and wouldn’t you know, they did play Resident Evil: Afterlife. I missed the very beginning of it, but I saw the rest. I’m not used to the whole zombie part, but you know. Most of it is the same from the Underworld films. It was pretty badass though.

Yesterday, I got to watch the second installment of the Resident Evil movies. Again, I missed the very beginning of it, but still. I think it is my favorite so far. It wasn’t so bad. Against the first one and seeing the zombies faces split apart and yeah, that was disgusting. Sorry I mentioned it. I think having Mike Epps in the film gave it that comedy vibe, which made it less serious and gross, so it was pretty awesome. Today, I am really hoping my mom can find the first and the third installments at the movie store in town, because I haven’t seen our movie channels play either one. I also find it weird that the newest one, will come out on DVD on the infamous day in December. I’m still surprised I even asked my mom to get me these movies, I hate horror movies, especially in October. What the crap is wrong with me? I also want the Addams Family movies too. I’ve waited those all week-long. So I’m kind of leaning on waiting a bit for the other movies, and getting these first. I don’t know yet, so we’ll see what they have.

5 thoughts on “Expanding My Range of Movies.

  1. Glad you liked them, i remember recommending Underworld to a person who likes twilight, said that if you want to watch a film with proper vampires and werewolves, this is one of my favs. Also with the resident evil films, the first 2 where alright, but i think the last few have been filler. plus it didnt help when i watched them the first time, it wasnt in order so i had no idea who any of the characters where :/ glad you enjoyed them 😛 they are some of my favourite films.


    1. I’m not watching them in order either lol. I got the first and third yesterday, I didn’t make it thru the first one. I was enjoying Extinction until my mom had to take it back this morning. Never finished it. 😦 They’re good, but creepy


      1. THAT’S EXACTLY THE SAME ORDER I DID! lol and yeah theres quite a change of genre between those two. watch the second one when you can: Apocalypse, it makes everything make sense 😛 plus its my favourite, but it is creepy. very creepy :S


      2. Apocalypse was the one I watched earlier this week and I actually liked that one more than Afterlife. It is my favorite too 🙂


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