My October Wish.

Well, this year is sure speeding up quickly. I got to say though, this month (to me) has been feeling pretty slow. It definitely doesn’t seem it’s going to be October tomorrow. The outside is just starting to change colors and the cold has come early again. Rain has also made an appearance a few times as well. By mid-September and beginning of October it all feels the same. So wish number one. I wish to have a longer autumn than we usually do, but winter comes in full swing this year. I miss the snow, can you tell?

I have 12 days until every Vampire Diaries favorite day. October 11th is when my favorite show comes back on after the long, four-month wait after season three ended. I’ve seen the new preview earlier this month and I am excited for the whole gang to be back on my TV again. I know for a fact everybody, but one guy won’t be back. Mr. Joseph Morgan, who plays the original-bad vampire himself “Klaus” because he was killed in the last episode. So I hope and wish that Joseph Morgan comes back as a flashback because I already miss him.

I had a third wish when I first started this post, but now I don’t have it. Despite everything that has happened this month, I am very happy it’s about to turn into another month. Hopefully it’ll have better days instead bad nights. Hopefully I’ll be able to draw some more and get this one finished and get started on my others. I feel like I’m getting stronger and lazy at the same time and I hate it. I just want to be one and that is stronger. My sister has had a couple fun months and I hope she gets to have a less overwhelming time with everything. We’re almost the same right now. We both feel like our bodies could split apart and we’d feel pretty okay with that because it would give us a break from this life we have. So how I am going to end this is I wish October to be less overwhelming. For not only me, but for everybody that is around me. I’m not the only one who has has it rough for a while. So that is my final wish for the new month. ❤

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