How Do We Want To Be Treated?


Have you ever gone to a place, and just smiled at a person that was walking towards you. They look like the scariest person out there, but you know you still smiled at them anyways? I get those from little kids. They see you as this person that looks weird from their family members and everybody around them. Then you have a person like me in front of them and it isn’t anybody there use to, and my features are very different from everybody else. I have seen kids stare in amazement. I’ve had kids ask me questions about my arms. I’ve had kids give me dirty looks. I’ve recently gotten waved by a two and a half-year old. So little things warm your heart and then by the time their in their tweens, their sweet side becomes a demon. They become bullies towards other kids. They become insecurities by their own features.

At the beginning of our lives, I’ll say it like this. I was always told to be nice to everybody else. Treat everybody the way you would want to be treated. That’s how I am today. If I treat you as a person, then I expect the respect back. So I was mainly told to be nice to everybody because that was the only way you’re going to get through in life. Well, years later everything has switched. Everybody that I know has told me to be mean and kind of bossy to people to earn your respect to get through life. Which way is the right way? Because I have no idea how to act around people. I treat people nicely, but  if I show my bossy side. I don’t want to be another asshole not giving anybody the benefit of the doubt. I can’t be that way. A person features can be different from how they act. I have been described as a sweet, but devilish too. That wasn’t how I was raised, that was dealing with people who wanted to use me. I want to be treated nicely, but as a person I don’t want anybody thinking I can be used to your advantage.

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