For Today And Tomorrow

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday. My week has a bit boring and long. Not much to talk about until today. Two things, thank you for viewing my blog. I love your comments and “likes” on Facebook. It means a lot to me that you read my posts and I hope I have given you an insight of what life is really like for me. If you are new to my blog, well first off, my name is Meg(z)han and this is a personal and music blog. I talk about my life and the music that gets me through it. (:

Today, I spent practically the whole day at my grandparents house. I did my usual talk, eat, drink, and kid around from time to time. I found myself doing helpful things, like actually helping my nana out while she was getting our food ready. I dare you to pick up a soup can with only using one foot, and your big toe and pinkie as your holders. I’m not kidding, I literally heard myself say out loud, “I don’t need hands.” In other words, I got cocky and quickly shut that off. I hate when I get that way. Not only did I do that, but if you haven’t noticed it yet. I change the banner (again) and added the dark purple hue to create a more dramatic effect. My nana even told me that I am always looking for things with a pop. I’m not a simple person.

Tomorrow, is my sister’s first Senior night. My mom put on her Facebook status, that “Tomorrow my baby girl plays her last regular season high school soccer game. Ever. So if you see me bawling, just smile and walk on by. It will be one day of many these next couple months. Why did my girls have to grow up so fast?” This next week is Emily’s first Senior week. She’s got soccer this weekend and the football game next Friday, but of those my parents have to walk down the track with her. My nana is going to the soccer game tomorrow afternoon. She’s going to the football game too. She’s in for a treat. Before she even gets to that part, my papaw is getting his haircut with my mom. Then after the soccer game, my Uncle David and Aunt Kat are coming down from Indy for a visit. I’m so excited because I am in need of some laughter and interesting stories that my uncle seems to get while on the road.

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