The Favorite Name List.

I am a very look ahead kind of person. It’s actually still very new to me because I don’t think I’ve ever done this. I think it started a bit before graduating from high school. I did a lot of look ahead stuff that could be very helpful for me. I have been on the perfect baby name for years and years. If you’ve read this blog before, you’ve pretty much seen me talk about this before. Well, I think I have a “favorite” list. This is how sad I am, I made a Pinterest board of my favorite baby names. Oy!

So let’s get started. Everybody knows that I definitely want to use the name “Morgan” and “Ruth” since they are family names. Finding names that go with both of those names is very difficult. I am very picky, which is probably why it’s being so difficult in the first place. I change my mind a lot. I never keep the name very long. I wouldn’t be very surprised if any of my future kids have two middle names, because their mommy couldn’t make up her damn mind. I am also into helping others with choosing names. I think it’s fun – even if I’m still stumped on my own.

I love long names, and I don’t know why. I think if you’re going to give your child a long name, you better be prepared to get use to hearing, “mommy, how do you spell my name?” I know from experience, I use to ask that question a lot when I was around different family members growing up. Also with a learning disability, it was difficult to spell things right. Even the simplest words were a bitch to get. Anyways, I love the names Remington and Everleigh. Remington is such a cute, country boy name to use. I think the reason why I have recently grown fond of the name Everleigh, is because it kind of reminds me of my sister. The “E” at the beginning and they both end the same, but not in spelling. I am definitely keeping Everleigh close now. Finding a middle to go with will be interesting.

I’m going to name the possible boy names first. I like the name Mason Lee so much it’s not even funny. It has always been on my list since the end of middle school. It is actually the only name that I haven’t changed around about a hundred times or so. Maybe that’s a sign. Who knows. Other names that I love are: Noah, Landon, Henry, Jonah, and Americk. Americk is the only (boy) name that is spelled differently. I like the uniqueness of it, but I know I don’t want my future son to have difficultly spelling or pronouncing his name or others. I love the names Noah and Landon. Landon is a bit higher than Noah, but they are very cute and would work well with Morgan too. Actually all of these names would work well with it.

I have two names that hasn’t changed around since creating them. I like the names: Bryna Danielle and Sofia Drew. Bryna is a name I first heard about when I was a freshman. I thought it was cute and unique. I think I went with Danielle as the middle name because for one the letter “D” is used a lot on my mom’s side of the family. Sofia Drew is a name I found while I was looking for one of my Twitter followers. It was on the list I gave her and I have never forgotten about it. Lots of my family members like it. So I kept it around my mind. The other possible names I happened to like and could work with “Ruth” too. I love the names: Madison, Olivia, Talullah, Harlow, Hayden, Sophie, Ava, Zoe, and Giselle. I like really girly girl names apparently. both Zoe and Giselle are fairly new to the list. They keep jumping on and off my list. I would love to use “Ruth” as my first daughter’s middle name, but I’d might use Mae (which is my nana’s adopted middle name) and maybe Elizabeth (it is my middle name) and since Tallulah has an “H” at the end and so does “Ruth” my mind keep telling me “no.” So I might be switching them around.

The reason why I like the name Madison is because it starts with an “M” like my name and it has seven letters which is one of my lucky numbers. I love the name Olivia a lot. It has a special meaning to me. It’s also very cute too! Both Talullah and Ava have a family sense to them. One of my (I think) great-aunts was named Lula and I remember asking my nana when I was in middle school, if “Lula” was short for “Talullah” she told me it wasn’t, but I still thought it was a cute name and haven’t gotten tired of it yet.  Ava, was the name of my sister’s stuffed toy Rottweiler as a kid. She watched Dr. Dolittle 2 like a boss back then. I just always liked it and it would work with all three possible middle names too. I think the only way I’ll ever use both Harlow and Hayden is if I have twin girls. I like them, but I can only see them being used like this. Sophie is a name I’ve always liked as a kid. It was cute and back then, I had never really heard it used a lot. I guess I could change Sofia to Sophie instead.