This Just Proves I’m Weird

I think I’m just destined to be out of the box, but I think I’m taking that to a whole different level. I don’t think people should be listening to one genre of music. I’m not trying to say everybody who listens to one certain type of music is crazy. I just think if you listen to one genre of music and is judgemental towards others for liking other genres, then I think you’re crazy. I can literally prove to you that I am weird. Everybody says they like me being weird, but they don’t get how far I tend to go with it. I love to listen to rock music, right? Even some (yes, I said some) metal as well. I don’t consider myself as a heavy metal fan, because there are a LOT of heavy metal bands I don’t listen to. I love to listen to instrumentals, I mostly prefer the ones from movies, like action movies. I like some classical influences with modern music. That’s why I am in love with symphonic metal. I like the guitars and the drums, and the classical sounds from different instruments. I find that the high voices are very interesting and yes, I have tried to get my voice up that high too.

If you’ve read my past posts before, my music tastes are a bit weird from other 20 something adults. I’ve always liked music like this, and it all started with Evanescence. It was my first metal band and I even got their first album for Christmas one year. I like to listen to Lindsey Stirling, because not only is she playing one of my top five favorite instruments of all-time, but she’s very fun with her songs and covers she does. Like this one, it is a very known song. She starts off very slow and mellow, then as it goes on, it gets very fast and sounds amazing with the guitars. It just proves I’m weird, that’s all. I love how it all sounds together.

Back to my symphonic metal side. I have no problem to expressing my love for this genre of music. And again, if you’ve read my past posts before you’re very familiar with this side of me. Evanescence might’ve started the trend, but I think it’s safe to say both Within Temptation and Xandria have taken it up a notch. One time I put on my Facebook that I hated the fact that I couldn’t see any concerts of my favorite symphonic metalĀ bands because it’s not that big of a genre in the states as it overseas. One of my friends told me, that I know how it feels to be European. Didn’t quite understand it at first, then when she explained it a little more, she figured she was right. What she meant was there are a lot of music acts that based from the states thatĀ are not as big there than here in the states. Which is true. It’s really unfair for the fans in different countries. I have dreams of going to these concerts and just loving it so much. I hate waking up from those dreams.

and last one…