The Most Randomest Times To Come Up With Blog Topics

For the past two nights, right before I go to sleep, I get these small thoughts of possible blog topics. It comes in waves, sometimes I get them before I go to bed. Then there are times were I’ll get them after I’ve slept a couple of hours and get up at 4am and can’t go back to sleep. I seriously, can’t tell you what my first topic that came shooting into my mind that first night and usually I have a good memory when it comes to remembering things from the night before. I guess this is different. Then last night, I hadn’t taken a nap and I was really tired. I went to bed around 11:30pm and right before I even told myself to shut off my mind, a thought occurred and I almost grabbed my phone to make sure I remember this one, but I was really comfortable in my spot so moving wasn’t an option. I’m a lazy bum, I know.

The first topic had something to do with freshman year because I get little images of being in that classroom and everything. I just can’t think why I wanted to do to a blog post about it. Gah! The second one had to do with something. I didn’t start getting mental images in my head until two days afterwards. So I’ll probably figure out what I wanted to blog about either later on tonight, probably right before I fall asleep, again, or tomorrow morning. You know what gets me is that no only is my phone close by, but I also have a notebook and pen right by my bed. So I have two places where these thoughts could go and I haven’t used either one yet. Oh, well that’s my random thoughts for the day.