Finding The Perfect YouTube Video of Concerts.

We can all relate when somebody asks us, if we look up live videos from concerts on YouTube. It’s not a secret, we all do it. For a lot of people, such as myself, it’s our way of finding peace to not being there in real life. Something I’m always doing is, trying to find really good live videos. Everybody knows that even though the video title will say “HD” that usually means one thing will be that and not both. For me, when I go to look like live videos, it’s the picture that is awesome, but the sound quality sucks. I was watching a bunch of videos of different concerts just a bit ago. The first band I looked up was RED. They have amazing songs and I love the screaming and the sound of the band, so I wanted to find good videos of their concerts. The first video I found, was really good. It had a nice picture and sound quality, but when the song first starts up, you can hear static-like noises and then when the lead singer was doing the screaming, the sound was really low. Then from there, everything I liked about the video sucked.

I am missing Skillet. After being let down from the other videos, I went back to watch some live videos by them. Skillet is an awesome band to listen to. I still can’t believe my sister Emily, almost got everybody in my family into them a few years ago. She was really into them and even went to the Rock The River tour in 2009 with her church. I was very jealous when she went but I was very excited for the pictures and stories she brought back with her. Once she went to the concert, she got some of the free podcasts they had on iTunes, and I love watching them on my iPod. I think the whole band is kind of hilarious. Jen Ledger is probably the most awesome drummer in the world. Anyways, finding live videos of Skillet was fairly easy. I love finding perfect with both great picture and sound quality. Here are two awesome live videos I found today. (:


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