Ditch It.

I am sitting in my room. I just got up from laying down on my bed for an hour, watching The Lion King. Everytime I get up I always check my phone. Which is such a waste of time because I never get anything, but updates that my balance is low and little text messages from different family members. Despite getting those messages, I still don’t like having a phone anymore. I mean, I have unlimited texting and yet nobody texts me at all. Family members can reach me from my mom’s phone and my Facebook profile. I don’t get messages from them all the time and it does feel good when I do, but I’m just over the whole phone craze. I got my first phone when I was 15 (two days before my 16th birthday) and I got caught with my phone when I was a Junior. Now I hate my phone. This is actually my second phone. I got it two years ago.

Over the weekend, when my body was feeling very drained from the rough, but yet fun week I had. I didn’t want to sit up and go on the Internet. When we had that power outage the other weekend, and our Internet was over for most of the day. It felt good to not look at my sad life. I live online. I love doing my blogs, but I don’t understand why it’s becoming such an important thing to have. I sat in my room and watched movies. On my laptop, of course, but I don’t have a working DVD player. It kept me busy and I didn’t mind not being online for hours because it is very boring, going from one site to the next all because you’re bored.

I don’t hardly use my TV anymore. Half the time, my TV is on its upgrade cover because I don’t feel like watching anything. I even have shows I watch at night, so everything during the day is a big waste. The one thing about technology that I do use all of the time. I mean, ALL THE TIME! I use my iPod to listen to music. My mom told me once, her and dad were talking about all of the stuff we’ve ever gotten, the one thing that was worth it, were our iPod’s. That’s because we use them all the time. I probably use mine more than my sister because she has school, sports, and work now. So the only time she listens to her iPod at night. I am very grateful my dad found this stereo system that has a iPod plug, so it can both play on the stereo, but charge at the same time. It is such a life saver, considering I’m hardly ever on the desktop anymore. I think I miss going old-school a little and kind of want to ditch some of my electronics. It doesn’t sound so bad.

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