Starting Out In Life

My friend Ashlyn has given me another great suggestion. What did I think of my first day of school? Well, at first I didn’t think I could even think that far back and at that specific time period, but I apparently remember everything in my life. It never leaves me at all. Anyways, I remember on our first day of kindergarten and first grade being about the same. It was very weird and cautious, I guess you could say, every adult was worried about me getting stepped on and loosing my balance on the floor. Also, the most important, kids not understanding about my feet and arms and it leads to them making fun of me. Luckily, I was never bullied for my disability. Everybody was more curious than anything else.

I remember something very specific, but I don’t remember what grade I was in. I can still myself being carried by my mom, down the halls of the school, and everybody is either in their parents arms or walking and holding their parents hands. I remember looking at all the other kids and just be my sweet self and waved to one of my classmates and her mom. I’m pretty sure I freaked them both out when my feet lifted up and waved at them. If I didn’t scare them, I sure as hell scared the hell out of the ones beside them. That memory leads to the next one where I’m sitting on my desk and everybody is walking around and I’m freaking out because I’m scared of heights. I definitely never grew out of that.

It’s really weird how I can remember the first day of kindergarten, first and second grade and I am how old? I remember being in kindergarten, and they gave us crayons to draw with and paper, of course. All the kids would freak out that I had this crayon in my toes and making shapes and stuff. One, definitely freaked out, and she was one of my best friends growing up. At the beginning, I was sitting with my cousin Kristi, we were allowed to sit by each other so it wouldn’t awkward for both of us. We would get into trouble for talking. Then once the teacher had enough of us. She switched me to the other side of the room. I seemed to like that side of the room anyways, it was closer to the door. I miss those days. I don’t know what the kids do nowadays, if they bring in iPods and cell phones. I definitely didn’t have that and I’m very grateful I never did.