My LONG Week and Weekend.

This past week has been an interesting one and now we’re about to start another week in about half an hour. Last week started off depressing but as it kept going on, it slowly got better. I went to four different sporting events. Two soccer games, the Powder Puff game, and then the Homecoming football game on that Friday. Saturday was Emily getting her senior pictures done. Today we went to my nana’s for lunch. For the past three days, my body has been feeling really weird and been taking a lot of naps lately. Now it’s almost midnight, and I can’t tell if my body wants to sleep or not. It’s been very weird. I think I’ve done a lot this past week and I think my body is just drained from all the fun I’ve had.

I’m skipping ahead to Tuesday afternoon, because both Monday and Tuesday were very sad for not only me, but my whole family. My grandparents dog passed away Tuesday afternoon. Around four, my mom and I regained ourselves and went to my sister’s soccer game. It’s a little annoying to hear my mom yell silently what the players should do when she’s never really watched a full game before this year. I kind of laugh inside whenever she does this. I can’t help myself sometimes. Anyways, after we went home from that game. My sister was hurting more than usual. When she went to school the next day, she didn’t wear her leg brace to school, so her knee was swollen throughout the day. She was originally supposed to play in the Powder Puff game that night, but she hadn’t went to a single practice but I remember after a few plays the soccer players just kind of learned the moves that night. It was kind of interesting. She never played, she was around me most of the night.

Thursday was mine and my mother’s full day. She had to work Wednesday, but left early that day to take me to the game. She did this on both Wednesday and Friday. Thursday, was her only full day at work. It also my only day in three days that I actually relaxed. It was probably good for me to be at home for that day AND night because I needed it. Friday was the Homecoming game and cheer clinic with the itty bitty girls. I don’t think my head has ever wanted to explode then it did that night. The only time we didn’t bring Advil to a football game and my head wants to explode. Weirdly enough, it was like 50 degrees that night and I didn’t even shiver that much. I had my hoodie and socks on, but that was it. My left knee killed me that whole time at the game. It felt like I was keeping my leg locked because it was only in my knee and that left leg. I had to straighten it out a few times because it was hurting so bad. We left during third quarter, and guess what? We won that game too. Crap!

The next day was Saturday, and it was Emily’s day. I remember three years (oh my gosh I feel so old!) ago I was getting my senior pictures done. Emily was just a little freshman back then. My mom and I were a bit sad because it was starting to hit us that she will be graduating next May. That just blows my mind! She had five outfits at the home studio. After the last outfit, she got into her cream dress, they brought her a pair of black heels. She had to borrowed two pair of heels from his wife. We went different places around town. We were in a town, that I had always been in, but only to get to another part of town, so I was seeing a different side of this town I have never seen before and it looked as old as my hometown. That’s a bit scary. She got some outside pictures, inside of a barn, under a Willow tree, and in an alley. By the end of the session, she was starting to get into it more and more. She looked pretty damn fierce!

For Sunday, we went over to my nana’s for lunch and this time around we didn’t have Subway or any other fast-food place. My mom made everybody tacos. My nana had made the comment on Friday that she wanted her to make tacos, so she ended up making them on Sunday. I was very happy that I didn’t eat any of mom’s tender pork chops that night before. After we got home that day, my body felt even more drained than the last few days. My mom swears I took a four-hour nap, but I know I couldn’t have taken that long of a nap because I actually got some sleep last night, but yet woke up early again and couldn’t go back to sleep. That’s normal for me right now. I can get to sleep, I just can’t stay that way. I’ve been taking naps for four out of seven days this past week. So I think it’s safe to say, my sleep schedule is a little f*cked up at the moment. I’m even having trouble staying awake right now. It’s almost 2pm and it’s rainy and gloomy. It just feels like the ultimate day to lie down and relax. I did that too much yesterday, to do that today. If I wasn’t having trouble keeping my eyes open I’d work on my drawing right now.

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