Yesterday, I was in a very content mood. This has happened twice. It happened when I was drawing my first portrait in two years. I was in one of those moods, where I was bored out of mind. I didn’t exactly want to watch TV or listen to music. I wanted to do something, but not in my usual routine. So I got in my wheelchair and didn’t even have to think about the positive thoughts, because I was already in this vibe where I was going to get this done one way or another. It was the same thing all over again for this drawing. The only thing different about the way I did this drawing was that I did everything on the floor. This is what my TOES do when they’re bored.

The drawing is a lot darker than it does in this picture. There is a bad glare on the picture. We had our front door open so the sun was glaring from the door.  I tried to have my mom take a picture of it, just by itself, but my phone made the picture really small. So I’m not posting it on here. I like pictures of them side-to-side because it helps me what needs to be fixed. The beard is definitely not finished. The hair is as good as its going to be. Everybody seems to like the eyes a lot. That was the first thing I worked on yesterday. I did the mouth and nose last, I used the beard as my guide.

Most of the lines are erased, except for the ones that help my dad make the frame. I know I’m not done with it yet. I don’t want to mess it with too much, since I have a history of shading another layer and messing something up in the process. To me, the picture kind of looks animated. Especially the eyes. Wow! I am looking at both of them and can feel them staring back at me. I’m pretty proud of myself and how I controlled my attitude yesterday as I was working on it. Everybody that came around was loving it. After I finish this, I will start on my next one. Which is a special I’m doing. I will not be posting it on my “Artwork” since it is different from the rest. So when I get everything finished with that one, I will move on to the next one in line. Oh, and if you don’t know who this is, it’s Jason Hook from Five Finger Death Punch. So one down, three more to go!


Today is beginning to be a sad day. Well, actually was the first of it and today might be the end of it. I think before I even had my surgeries, my family dog, our first that I remember getting, Katie got hit by a car while we were at a friend’s house after church. That was difficult considering my sister and I were kind of little back then. Chancey died in 2008 and Sydney died last year. Now poor Casey, my grandparent’s dog may be gone today. Yesterday, she was doing very good. She wasn’t too good and not eating or drinking very much. It was very sad to watch her try to walk around. Around the time we were eating chicken (and I know you shouldn’t give pets people food, trust me this dog would eat anything if it ended up on the floor) and my mom tried to get her to eat from the floor, but it didn’t work. However, if you handed it to her, she’d gabble it up. After we left, it seemed she was just having an off day. Then I got up at noon and she had went back to what she was doing yesterday.

Casey, is my nana and papaw’s dog. When she and her sister were pups everybody was told, they’d be small dogs. Since they didn’t know who the mother and father were, it was kind of difficult to say how large these dogs were going to get. Casey and Mandy were very cute and playful. I love dogs. I’m definitely a dog lover. When Casey started growing up, her size kind of multiplied. For vets to say she’d be a small dog, to having everybody said she was overweight. Which that was hilarious, I’ve got to say because I would have imagine hearing a vet say a dog is overweight, but you know. I remember once, when she was chained up in the kitchen, I was on the floor and everybody in there to not touch her paws. Well, I did anyways she let me touch her front paws, even thought she licked the crap out of my feet. Every Christmas I would get on the floor to open presents and it would be time to lick the crap out of Meghan. I was down at her level, I was doomed! She played “find the ghosts with Emily” because she had this ghost catcher on her iPod and that would make her go crazy, because everybody swears they’re ghosts in that house because of Casey.