I Was There Watching It…On TV.

Last night was awesome! The fun really began two hours before the big finish. For two hours I sat on my bed and watched Blue Collar Comedy Tour on CMT. I missed the very beginning (which is Bill’s part) and that upset me for a bit, but then I got over it. It ended at 9pm. I was starting to feel the urge to go to bed around that time. Especially after that was over I really begun to wonder how much longer I was to stay awake. Then after looking at all my channels on my guide, I found a show that would be on the whole hour before the Linkin Park and Incubus Tour was to be on. Scooby-Doo was on Boomerang. For once, they showed different episodes than the ones I’ve seen about a million times. I like that too much, because it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen every episode, I still get happy. When the last episode was ending and thankfully they end early, because ten minutes before the whole thing started, I switched it over and waited for it to come on. I think I sat on the laptop for 20 minutes waiting it to start.

When the whole finally started up, my stomach was telling me Linkin Park will be second. My stomach was right. They were second and I have got to say that was the longest two hours ever. I think out of all the songs Incubus played, I liked only two or three songs. Not counting “Drive” because everybody knows that song. Once it became midnight, they played “Inside of Living Things” which is a making of the scenes of their new album, Living Things. I had already seen it, but it helped my anxiety level. It kept on rising and rising. I was getting so excited! I was a little bit bummed I wasn’t allowed to sing out loud to the songs like everybody else would be doing. I was humming to myself. I think by the fourth song in I was literally whispering the words of the song. After they played “Given Up” I just forgot about everybody sleeping and just starting singing very silently. I was doing pretty good. I was handbanging like crazy and dancing on my bed. I was a little kid who just got their way in Wal-Mart and got to buy something. I was losing my mind.

To me, a concert like that, is better than going to the actual concert itself. It’s for two reasons, good sound and great view of everybody in the band and crowd. Now if we could just get everybody to record their shows everytime they make a new album and go out on tour. I would never want to go a live show ever. In my situation, going to concerts and having good seats to see who is playing is a bit tricky. I’m also the type of person who thinks somebody else should go instead of me. I don’t care about meeting the bands or anybody, but I know everybody gets around a handicapped person. Some people think I’ll use my disability to my advantage. I’m not like that. However, I do know people who would use me to their advantage. Anyways, I love watching it on TV. It feels like you are there and you have the most  awesomest seats ever.