Sweet Old Memories

I saw this and thought I should blog about it. When I was little, I did physical therapy before I started first grade and by the time I started going to school all day, going to therapy about thirty minutes from home was dumb. So I had a therapist work with me during school. Before I started going to school at all, I had physical therapy and an extra year of schooling. What I mean by that is, before I started Pre-K I went to school near by and it was for handicapped kids. I don’t necessary remember much of that time. Even though I have a good memory of how graduation, but that’s another story.

Anyways, when I’d go to physical therapy at the hospital, in all honesty I’ve always had therapy until I got into high school. When I was a baby, everybody was working on my legs and arms. If I didn’t have it I’d probably be more limited than I am right now. When I’d go do my therapy, with my therapists. I had two. I had my main therapist and then my secondary, whenever my primary therapist wasn’t there. Somehow he was more fun than my primary, I got to do a lot more fun things with him. He was really new, so you know how kids act with subs for their teachers? Yeah, I was a sneaky little thing back then. It was fun. That’s probably how I discovered tricking people was fun.

I remember during my exercises, my primary therapist would carry me around, and we’d go into different areas of the place. I remember it being kind of dark, like the lights were on their last switch before they’d turn off and the whole place would be dark. We’d go down this hallway to the fending machine. If I did good at therapy I’d be rewarded (this was bad on the day my primary would be gone and I’d have the other one, and he’d let her know how the day before was) I think I’d always get a Butterfinger. I had a serious thing for them back then. Especially the little balls. They were so good! One day I remember wanting to get one of these, because they had just came out and there were so many commercials about it. I had to try it. I bought it and hated it! The first bite I took of it I wanted to spit it back out! I don’t know if I’d want to get one now. They do look amazing, I think that’s the trick. You think the chocolate is amazing, it’s the cream that’s yucky!


First off, I have to say I am very happy right now. It’s a mixture of two things that have happened today. One, I survived without Internet pretty much all day. Two, Battleship (movie) is amazing! I’ll explain what happened with the Internet first, talk about my day and then go crazy. I’ll try not to be long, but if you know me or read my past posts. You know I like to ramble on and on, like I’m doing right now. So let’s get to it.

Yesterday, all of the weathermen said that we were going to get some storms, but usually half the time they never come near us. If they do come around us, they’re not too bad. Well, during the day, I went to my nana’s while my dad went to the store. By the time he came back, he could see dark clouds from up north coming closer to town. Well, once we got home. It rained and the wind began to pick up, but it never got bad, bad. After that mini storm was done. I asked my dad, what happened to the big storms we were supposed to get? He told me that the weather outside was starting to feel muggy, and the temperature was going up. He said that usually means, the big stuff will come later on that night. He was right. They came around at 8ish, and our power went out around 9:30-10pm.

After an hour, between waiting for news from my sister, at the away game, and wondering about her safety. The power situation wasn’t so bad. However, the one time I don’t take a nap, and the big storm knocks off the power. Thanks a lot Mother Nature! Anyways, my dad called the electric company and found it would either come on in an hour or at 1:05am. Emily came home just a little before midnight. Of course, she wanted to talk about her night. I was glad I had charged up my phone at my nana’s earlier that day, because I was tweeting all night long. I’ll get to that in a minute. We all went to bed around 12:30am. I know we all hadn’t been in each room long enough, because as soon as I had got it through my head “you need to go to bed.” The damn power came on. I think we were all jumping for joy inside.

After everybody got up this morning. My mom tried to use the big computer’s Internet and it wouldn’t work. So she tried the laptop, and it wouldn’t work either. This was about 8:30am. As soon as it became 10am, my insides felt like it could be a movie day for me. So I’ve been keeping my sanity by watching TV, movies and listening to music. If it’s not one thing, it’s the other. I think today was a good test for me. Even though I did check and see if the bars at the side had that box on it after the movies ended. I found something else to keep me occupied. I’ve watched The Lion King: Simba’s Pride (shut up) and Battleship. I did try to watch The Three Stoges, but I don’t think it’s very funny. The Internet just came back on after so many hours. Now to tell you about my joy about our power and Internet coming back on. My friend was talking to me on Twitter last night, she told me that she hasn’t had power since Tuesday night. She told me that they had a bad storm too, a big tree landed on the power lines. Workers are just now working on it. Hopefully she and everybody on her block doesn’t have to wait more than they should. So I’ll be praying for her and everybody on her block that they’re power comes back on soon. (: