Adrenalize Me

Today has been an interesting day. It didn’t start like a normal day. I actually slept in, well if you count it as sleeping in. I’ve been getting up around 6-7am around the time my mom goes to work and Emily goes to school. I like getting up in the morning to go to the bathroom. I do try to go back to bed, but sometimes it’s not use and I end up staying up all morning long. This morning, I got up at 8am. It was weird, because I remember waking up around 5am and hearing my dad get up to go to work. Somehow I managed to go back to bed. Usually I’ll get back up around 7am but I never did. I never heard Emily ger up and I definitely didn’t hear the buses go by either. I found out after I got on Facebook that they were on a two-hour delay. I knew something was up.

Originially, my mom had told me yesterday that we were going to my nana’s. Then when she finally got up this morning, she told me she was just going to do her stuff real quick and that’s it. Somehow I got her to take me and leave me in the car. Dad took my mom’s car to get worked on when he came home from work for lunch. So we took dad’s truck instead. That was a rough ride. I felt sorry for my mom because I was in the mood to talk my head off. She just sat there and listened. I was interrupted twice and I was not happy. It was mostly her phone going off constantly. Then she had to talk to the bank ladies. That one was fine. I was more than willing to toss that phone out the window, but I don’t know how to use the switches in dad’s truck. So lucky for her about that.

After we got back home. I got to work on my part. I had to make nana’s CD for her. Which wanted to be a butt the whole time. The CD wouldn’t take all of the songs on one CD. She had 21 songs at first on the playlist. Then I had to start deleting songs from the playlist. Don’t worry I texted her about everything before I did anything. I deleted two songs and it still didn’t want to burn of all the songs onto the CD. So I gave in and said to put the songs on two separate CDs. Well, after I did that. It worked on ALL of the songs except for ONE FREAKING SONG! It didn’t have enough room for that ONE SONG! Yes, I’m still not happy about it. It drove me insane! After I was finished with that, I fixed my iPod and updated that sucker. So that’s now fixed and good. I also printed off another picture to draw. This one is a special drawing. Hopefully I’ll start on it tomorrow. (: