My Future House

I’m very low maintenance despite what some of my family members might say. I do like to shop, it’s no secret, but I’m, I guess, you could say I’m cheap. I don’t go shopping without looking online first. So I guess this can be my “looking ahead” planning. I don’t like those very huge houses that the celebrities have. That seems too extreme for me. When my family went to Florida a few years ago, we stayed in this little grated community with a very cute, small, silver house for seven days. For those seven days you feel like you’re rich. At least that’s what my sister and I felt like. Ever since then, I’ve dreamed of living in a similar house, one story, everything was leveled right. It was handicap accessible. It was the perfect house.

Making a statement in your home is kind of important to me. It gives guests a warning what to expect for the time that they’re there in your house. At my nana’s, when you look into the door, you see the kitchen. It feels very homey. My family house feels very redneck. I was trying to use another word, but nothing describes it more than using the actual word. I love chandeliers. I’ve had ceilings fans and a plan ceiling before, but I’d love to have a chandeliers one day. That would be one of my spurges in my house. I have lots of ideas on decorating my future home. Out of all the chandeliers I have in my “Dream House” board on my Pinterest account.

Yes, I want a purple bathroom. If I could (and maybe I will) I’ll get to design the whole inside of the house purple. Would that be too much? Okay, okay, the bathroom and the sheets and comforter in the master bedroom will be a royal purple and everything will be left to my future husband to design. Oh lord. Anyways, comparing to my family house bathroom, this is better looking and even though it’s small. It looks just right to me. Our family house, the bathroom is tucked away in the corner of the house between my room and the living room. The whole bathroom is very tight-cornered. The door is most of the problem. Between the space of the toilet and how the door was placed, if you go to sit down and your knees can’t bend well, there’s no way you’re shutting the door. You have to go in, shut the door, and then go about your business. How this bathroom looks, it’s my dream bathroom, and after explaining that mess, you know it’s not just the purple walls that make it so dreamy to me.

Two things about this bed that I like is this. Since it’s a sunken bed, and there’s wood all around it, for me that means an awesome way to get in and out of my wheelchair without anybody lifting me from bed to the wheelchair. The second thing is you don’t have to worry about rolling off the damn bed because I would rather sleep on the left side. Since that would be the side where my wheelchair would be. Or I guess it could go in that little corner there. That way it’s not in the way. I’ll take that back, I’ll take the window side, since I need to sleep on my right side more than my left side. The bed looks very relaxing and that makes me feel very good. Very homey, which is what I want.

If I ever have kids, I would love to design their rooms to what they like. Growing up, posters pretty much covered my walls. I never got to have any other type of color paint on the walls. It was always white. There was one house we lived in and my sister and I’s walls were wood. I never liked them. Trying to hang something up on that was kind of difficult. My cousin Kristi, her room was down in the basement. She had the same thing, wooden walls. Somehow she managed to hang up a lot of stuff on her walls than my sister and I did.

I love the colors of this picture. I love the colors pink and brown together. They feel very girly to me. I would do a nursery or a little girl’s room like this and maybe put like baby pink Christmas lights all around the ceiling. I think I’d switch the brown and pink around so the lights would look brighter on the brown. I love the letter art, above the bed. It’s so cute! I would love to do different things like that for my kids rooms. Put their names above their beds and put picture collages on the opposite walls. See, I’m already thinking of more ideas to do for the kid’s rooms.