Why Appearance Is Not So Important

Society has truly f*cked everybody over and back. People can’t be happy about themselves, inside or out. It makes me sad that everybody hates their bodies. Lately, I’ve been watching TV and been paying attention to different commercials. The two commercials that seem to bug tme he most is the VS and Playtex commercials. For the VS commercials you have the sexy, very skinny, every male’s dream kind of models. The Playtex commercials shows what bras do to real, everyday women. It doesn’t matter how pretty the bra is, comfort is always first priority. So if you had to choose between a comfortable bra or what I like to call the “attention bra” which would you choose?

That may not be the best example about why appearance shouldn’t matter so much, but I think it’s kind of close. See, we always seek perfection. If we don’t see it, everybody will make fun of us for it. That’s why I have this picture as a helpful remembrance. Screw perfection. We don’t need to be perfect to feel and look beautiful. We have to find it within ourselves, then we will never listen to other opinions. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes there will be times were our shapes and confidences are down, because of things we can’t control. Like, if you get hurt physically and emotionally. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was that did it to you, you have the power to build yourself back up again.

You have to want to be happy. If you aren’t happy with your appearance or life in general, you can change it and make everything a happy journey. Yes, society has shown us you have to be like this and that, but I’d rather be the best kept secret and love myself and be confident while others are suffering to be perfect. It doesn’t matter what others think of you, it does matter what you think of yourself. Remember, you are beautiful. You can be happy in life without being perfect. Nobody’s perfect despite what everybody thinks. Appearance is not important. If you can make yourself happy despite having that perfect body than I am proud of you. It has taken me a long time to feel beautiful in my own skin. You will have bad days, but you have to keep positive thoughts going through your head. That’s the only way you’re going to get through it. You have to believe you can change yourself. Society has to learn that all beauty IS acceptable. One day, they’ll learn that discriminating people about their looks was stupid and accept us for who we really are. Trust God, trust yourself and believe you can change.