Movie Characters I’d Like To Meet

I was thinking about doing a post about what it feel like if I could meet movie or TV show characters that I really liked. I can blame this on the past post I did about which book characters I’d like to meet. So I’ve been really thinking about adding onto it. Movies is first, and according to the picture I’ve chosen to start this out, I’d like to meet Emmett “Doc” Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) because they are awesome and have been through so many years it would be interesting to do a mini interview with them. Especially, since the first movie was made in the 80’s, so both could still be alive to see 2012.

In the second Back To The Future movie, they are in the year 2015, so that’s still a ways off from now, but I wonder if Doc ever went to the infamous year because you know a scientist would want to see if the world would end in December or not. I would be curious, so if he did do you think he sees what carmakers are thinking in their minds, when will we really get those flying cars? I’ve been watching the trilogy and The Jetsons since I was little, so the flying cars are first on my mind to wonder about. The technology keeps changing, right? What about the cars?

Anyways, another movie I’ve been thinking about to use is Life As We Know It and it starred Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. It’s more of a chick flick than anything else, but it’s funny and cute at the same. I was having some trouble thinking of other movies to choose and this movie just came at me. I haven’t watched it in a while, maybe that’s why. Sorry off track, back to the plan. The movie is about two single people, who were set up by their married friends to go on a date, but it didn’t work out. Then a few years go by and the friends that are married, had a daughter, and they get into an accident and get killed. Well, the characters are now legal guardians of this little girl. They decide to live together in the house, and “try” to get along. That’s a cliffhanger for you. Thankfully, the way the movie ends, you are like me, you want to know more about the characters in the future. Are they still getting along? Are they married? Have they had kids of their own? You know little thoughts here and there.

I would love to meet the characters that Katherine and Josh play, they play Holly and Messer. If you’re familiar with the movie, I bet you’ve asked yourself the same questions. How has careers of these two worked out? Because you know Holly owned a bakery, Messer was a big-time technical sports director. Which one calls more of the shots at the house? The movie shows everybody celebrating Sophie’s second birthday, and Holly and Messer’s one year of getting through it all and staying alive. Everybody wonders, do they get married? Have any kids? Or maybe some were hoping for a sequel. Another movie that involves babies.

The Back-Up Plan is a movie about a woman named Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) and she doesn’t think finding a relationship is in her deck of cards, but she does want a child. So she gets artificial insemination. After that appointment, she tries to go into a taxi and she and this guy Stan (Alex O’Loughlin) get the same taxi. I don’t want to go into much detail, but I will say this. How many guys would date a girl, find out she was artificial insemination, gets pregnant, finds out she’s having twins and agree to make the relationship work? Eh, not many would. How the ending played out, the thoughts you had for LAWKI are coming back again in full swing. Because at the ending, not only do they become engaged, but the twins look about a year old, and Zoe throws up in the trash can right at the end. Two theories, she could be plain sick or she really is pregnant and this time it would be naturally. As far as the ending goes, it could be either one. Their faces at the end though were freaking hilarious!

My Favorite School Trip.

Out of all the trips I ever went on in school, rather it be Elementary, middle or high school. My number one favorite trip was when I was second grade and we went to the Marengo Cave. It is one of only four caves in Indiana. So imagine like fifty kids that are going into this thing, plus the teachers and chaperones. My chaperone was my dad. Back then, taking my dad for school trips was fun because he could lift me a lot easier. I wasn’t heavy back then! Anyways, I can vividly remember that morning. We were in our classroom, we were getting told our rules, and all of the adults that were going along were pressed up against the wall talking amongst themselves.

In all honesty, this was our first big trip, the year before in first grade our trip was to go to Holiday World, which was fine. I had never been there before either, but we were first graders, there’s not much for us to do because we were so small. This was a whole other trip, this cave was a lot more dangerous, you could get lost, and if you did you would get to spend the rest of your day on the bus by yourself while everybody had fun without you. That’s what we were always told in school. Anyways, we didn’t bring my wheelchair. My mom and nana left it at school, so we told the stroller instead. It was smaller and lighter. We got on the bus and headed off.

Once we got there, I was put into this thing, and I was all pumped up! We had studied about the caves before the trip in school, so to actually see one was pretty cool! Our tour guide, was talking about the cave and the history about it. I was memorized by how it all looked. There were lights all around the cave to make it less freaky. Which I was pretty happy about that, because I was scared of the dark–still am–and it just looked cooler with these bright colors coming from different spots. There was a part of the cave that I couldn’t go on. It had lots of steps to it and my dad had done a lot of packing everything around so lifting me for what looked like a balcony wasn’t really worth it. I’m sure I wasn’t happy, but I got over it.

The whole adventure was amazing. If I could I would probably go to the three caves. That would be cool. This story is starting to help me understand why I love the show Cities Of The Underworld so much. I can watch that show a hundred times and probably never get tired of it. It is all so interesting to me and I’ve never understood why it does. To leave you with something funny, after we left and got to the school. My mom and nana were there ready to bring us inside the school. After dad carried me off the bus and into my wheelchair. I was very happy to get into something I could control.  The one time I wear shoes and this happened. Somebody behind me had told us “bye” and we were already up by the doors, so I went to wave with my right foot and I kept driving with left foot, I got my right foot stuck inside the door. I pulled my foot back enough that I actually thought I had broken it. I didn’t, thank god, but I sure as hell never did that ever again.

First Soccer Game

Yesterday I got to go to my first ever soccer game. Well technically I got to watch two games in the price of one. My sister is doing her first year of soccer. She set out to do every sport imaginable during her senior year. That was the first reason why she wanted to do soccer in the first place. It’s very weird seeing my sister do anything other sport besides cheerleading. The last time she played another sport was when she was a freshman. She did track for the first time. I think soccer fits her, because she is a little beast when she runs and she’s also a bit mean sometimes. I’d love to see her in debate class. I bet that’s fun!

My mom told last week after she came home from last week’s game that I was going to yesterday’s game. I have never been so excited. I have never went to a soccer game before. I have always wanted to, but I didn’t know where to go and now I know seats are kind of limited. There is a big ass hill in the entrance way into the soccer field. My mom and I sat up on the gravel and she sat in a chair. To be pretty honest where we sat, we could see everything. It was cool! When we first got there I saw one of my favorite aides, Ann! I haven’t seen her for a while. Before she left to go home, she came over to talk to me during the boys game. She understands my crazy side and I understand hers!

During my sister’s game, we were watching and waiting for “bionic” to go in and play. She hardly played but she did go out there and try. Oh and I call her that because her whole left leg is covered with armor to keep it protected. She has her shin guards at her ankles. Then she’s got her leg brace that happens to be black. It’s there to protect the back of her knee. It’s kind of sweet how when I call her “bionic” or “blondie” she knows to turn around. I hardly call her “Em” anymore. Something I didn’t expect to see yesterday was my friends Brooke and Janise. I had literally turned around in my seat to turn closer to mom and I’m glad I did actually turn around because they both told me if I’d hadn’t done that they would have scared me and knowing them they would have. They sat with us and chatted a bit. I haven’t seen Brooke since May, so I was very happy to be around her. She cracks me up!

After the girl’s game ended, I told my mom, “well at least now we get to know what’s wrong with Em.” She had her head down whenever she sat out. My mom and I were racking our brains trying to guess what was wrong with her. I was right, her knee. She was packing the soccer balls and mom asked her but when they started walking towards us and noticed she took off her knee brace it was like a sign that her knee was hurting her. She wanted to stay for the boys game. She sat on the ground with us and then got up and went to her car to grab her sign for Bailey (her boyfriend) and she sat on the bleachers. We left during halftime of the boys game. It was so awesome to watch the boys play. They were really intense, and pretty amazing! I was very glad to go home during halftime. My back was killing me and I was very hungry. I ate, had Advil, and passed out at 9pm. I slept good last night.

Things I’ll See On My Walks

I don’t get to go on walks that much anymore. Whenever we’d go to my nana’s for the weekend and if we had lots of family down. We’d bring my wheelchair and sometimes, it mostly happens around Thanksgiving. My nana’s kitchen is pretty small. If we have a lot of people in there, the younger ones usually get kicked out of the kitchen. We usually go outside and do our own thing. Before there use to be a porch swing and everybody sit on it. I’d sit in my chair and go rolling (walking) around the block. I would do this about four or five times. Depending how much juice my chair would have left. That would be my time alone and I’d look around the neighborhood.

Walking around my neighborhood is a lot more difficult than my nana’s. Half of my nana’s neighborhood has a sidewalk, until you get to the right side. My side doesn’t have a sidewalk until you get the highway. We usually start there and go around the “donut” and walk along there and go straight and go back to the sidewalk to go back home. That first sidewalk to start is a bitch to drive through. Half of the blocks are cut and it makes it rough to get around, so if I can’t get through I’d go on the grass or the road. When the sidewalk is fine again I go back to the sidewalk. It’s all fun, trust me.

Around the “donut” are a bunch of pretty houses. Some are on hills and have big backyards. One thing you never want to do is go on a walk when someone is mowing. You will hope they’re mowing on the opposite of where you are, because your sinuses will hate you later on. That’s autumn for you! Anyways, since you’re walking on the road, you will have one or two cars behind you and in my case, I can’t pull over fast enough and sometimes I can’t even pull off the road because where the hills are. There is a hill that goes down into a little sewage drain of water. It’s disgusting and I’m always happy to not be walking on that side, because if a car would come through I’d probably fall right into it. That would not be pretty.

One time we walked around and we were halfway there and this really small, but fast white dog came running and barking to us. We weren’t even paying attention until it started barking and we freaked out. The owner was in the backyard and said he was sorry and he won’t bite us. He was really cute–the dog, not the guy–that usually never happens. Once I went trick-or-treating with my cousin Chris and his now wife and her son Dalas around the “donut” and it was so cute to see little Halloween costumes around tricking or treating. It was like 9 or 10pm so it was starting to get dark outside and I had never gone walking outside. It was so much fun, but very tiring! It’s really sad when I went with them, I even got candy. I wasn’t in costume or anything, I just got candy. Not complaining though, even though I think between my dad and sister they ate most of my candy. Oh well!

Things I Can Do For My Birthday

My friend on my Facebook put a bunch of links on her profile, which came up on my news feed, of what she wants for her birthday. Ironically enough, I’ve been thinking about doing something like what she did, but I wanted to incorporate my bucket list into it. I have a long list if you haven’t notice. There are a lot that I can do for my birthday, taking a trip far away isn’t something I can do. So I started thinking of things to do in case, my first plan sucks. So this is what I was thinking. Technically, this can be done in a matter of four days since my birthday is on a Thursday, that is my Vampire Diaries day. I can do these things for four days. The party never ends, and by the way, I plan on partying sober.

Put mentos in diet coke.
Go to Barnes & Nobles.
Go to Starbucks.
If B&N doesn’t work out, go shopping.
Get a Five Finger Death Punch hoodie.
 Get a Ashba Swag shirt.
Rock bold lipstick.
Spend an entire day watching Disney movies.
Dye my hair purple.
Order dessert first at a restaurant.
Get a tattoo.
Blast music at 3 in the morning (yeah, that’s not gonna happen.)
Be happy.
Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years.
 Recieve an Edible Arrangement.