Alone On A Desert Island

Imagine yourself, on a boat going somewhere away from all your troubles, drama infested people, and sadness. You’re going somewhere far, far away. You get on a plane for your first destination, which is renting your own boat and live out in the ocean for a bit. You have a beautiful boat and everybody at the boat company said they’d hook you up with everything you’ll need for your trip. Except you forgot to check the daily weather for the next few days and find yourself on the boat with nobody, but yourself and the next thing you know a storm comes through and you black out and is lying on the warm, but muddy sand.

You are alone on an island that you didn’t know was out there in the first place. When you go inside your boat, you realize it has a big gaping hole in the back. The storm was so strong it washed you ashore. At least God was watching over you there. You find a radio and ask for help but it’s broken. You finally realize to yourself that you are stuck on this island. So what do you do? You didn’t bring a map because you weren’t going to go far away from shore. So do you stay on board or do go exploring on this island? You find a backpack, and pack it with things you might need for this hike. Flashlight, food, water, and a something to mark on the trees to find your way back. The only thing you have is nail polish. Thank god it’s a bright color. You begin you journey, and go into the forest on this island hoping nothing tries to kill you, because you forgot to pack a mini baseball bat. It gets darker and darker, and you pull out some matches out of your bag, and make a fire.

What do you think about while you’re alone on this island? Do you begin to regret wanting to get away for a few days? Are you thinking people will wonder about you and create a search party? Is it all a dream? What would be going through your mind. Do you even sleep that first¬†night out on your own? I wouldn’t. I would be too scared, especially not knowing what kind of animals are around and if something poisonous will bite you in the middle of the night. Those thoughts would drive me completely insane. I probably wouldn’t even put out the fire before I’d go to sleep. If you did fall asleep, what would you dream about? A warm place to stay, your bed and knowing everything will be okay? Or do you hope to find a colony of Amazon men taking you in the middle of the night, and trapping you inside this small cave. Locking you up and making you wonder what your fate will be once as the headmaster sees you. Of course, you’ll think it couldn’t have been a damn women’s colony. At least they would have given you a chance. When the headmaster comes in and sees you, you are stunned. He’s cute and he can’t get his eyes off your’s. What do you do next?

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