I Admit It, I Enjoy…

I admit it, even if I’ve probably admitted it before in an earlier post, I’m doing it again. I enjoy talk shows, like The Oprah Show, Dr. Phil Show, and the old 90’s talk shows. Trust me, I use to watch a lot of those when I was younger. When I would come home from school, and this was probably when I was in Elementary school. I would watch Maury, and I lived for that show. I am not kidding! I use to laugh my ass off on the maternity tests when the guys would say over and over again that they weren’t the fathers and then when the truth was revealed that they were the fathers they freak out and the mothers get all crazy.

Right now I’m watching Dr. Phil and its about couples who are on the rocks, the episode is called, “Fix It Or End It Today.” Couples don’t know if they should fix their fix or end it altogether on the show, that day. The first guy said when he got caught with another girl, while his wife was told one place and reason why he’d be there in the first place. To come to find out, he was in Vegas with another girl. This other girl emailed her and bragged to her about him being there with her in Vegas. He’s original answer to his wife about the picture was that it was Photoshop. Somebody needs to slap this dude in the face. Now it’s back on from the break and getting into her now. Honestly, this couple is just a weird couple. I can’t explain it really.

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