The Legacy Family.

This is my drawing from 2010. It was my last drawing I did for my senior year and it was also my last for two years. Her name is Legacy. The reason why I named her that was because she was my last drawing, but it was also my last year in high school and I had this picture the iris was baby blue. So I asked my teacher if I could change it to purple, and he doesn’t like unnatural colors in our drawings, so really he never said yes, but he never told me no either. I just did it anyways. I changed it to purple and everybody, including myself thought I did a good job on it.

I was just laying down and started coming up with more ideas for future artwork, in other words “work I’d never get to do.” I started thinking of creating a male face as a mate to Legacy. This idea has actually been in my head for a while. I started creating ideas for a future tattoo, it would look like Legacy but she would disguised in a masquerade mask. That was my original idea. Then I got to thinking about creating others. That look like Legacy, but had their own identity.

So I went with my future tattoo idea, the idea has Legacy’s purple eyes, but the masquerade mask was black and red. So I thought the male face should look meaner and more captivating. I don’t know why, but since it would have black and red as the primary colors, I thought of the name “Luther”, would be an interesting name for him. I started thinking of a name for the tattoo idea, I came up with “Legion”. The love child of these two drawings. That thought lead to three more faces by the names of “Wolfgang,” “Scarlet,” and “Lucie.” Both “Legion” and “Scarlet” are from In This Moment songs. The name “Wolfgang” is from a name I had recently looked up earlier this morning. And last but not least, “Lucie” is just a cute girly name I picked out. She will probably be in light colors.

The Most Fun I’d Had Recently

In all honestly, my life has been up and down. Been having some good and bad moments. It’s been a very slow month for me. In the beginning, all I wanted was for the week of when the big circle began. August 13 started it off on the right foot. I had the season finale of The Closer, my mom and I watched it that night. We were going to watch Major Crimes but my sister wanted to talk her head off so we didn’t watch it until two days later. Tuesday was the day, that In This Moment’s newest album Blood was to be released. This girl has been waiting for two months for this release date. I’m happy to say after what feels like forever, I finally have it! I had to buy it off of iTunes, but still.

I’ve went to two of both my sister’s soccer and football games. I didn’t go to her first home soccer game because we didn’t exactly know where I would be allowed to sit and if I could even get around on the gravel in the first place. So this past week, that’s what I did. I went to watch my first ever soccer game. I had never watched soccer before in my life and seeing my sister on an actual team and playing–cheerleading is a lot different–was a total new ballgame for me. Thursday, my mom and I went to next home game and at first it was really boring and slow. That’s the one thing I don’t like about soccer, it can be the slowest and boring sport ever. Around after halftime did we actually score a point, but lost to the other time on the other side.

For both days, my mom and I watched the boys play and I loved it. These guys are mean on the field. It was actually a lot more intense than the girls, but I don’t understand why the girls can’t be that intense while they play but the guys can? Oh well, I really don’t want an answer for that. Yesterday, I put my thinking cap on and began trying to figure out what I really want for my birthday. A sort of present to myself. My style has expanded throughout the years and I wanted to buy something fun and a little bit out there. So I’ve been going back and forth between a Five Finger Death Punch hoodie I found online. Getting both a FFDP and In This Moment posters. Then while I was on Twitter, I saw that Josie Stevens had retweeted a picture of Kylie Jenner in a Josie Loves J. Valentine Pink Bear hoodie. Then it got me thinking, I really want to own something by Josie Stevens. So I went looking and liked a few things, but I showed them to my mom and she voiced her opinions about it and ultimately said no. Well, thanks crushing my confidence booster.

I don’t know what more “fun” is headed my way, but I hope its good enough to put me in a great mood and lasts longer than an hour. I’m really tired now, but don’t want to take a nap. Yes, I’m stubborn. I’ll just lie down and listen to my new digital CD on my iPod. See ya folks! (: