My Favorite School Trip.

Out of all the trips I ever went on in school, rather it be Elementary, middle or high school. My number one favorite trip was when I was second grade and we went to the Marengo Cave. It is one of only four caves in Indiana. So imagine like fifty kids that are going into this thing, plus the teachers and chaperones. My chaperone was my dad. Back then, taking my dad for school trips was fun because he could lift me a lot easier. I wasn’t heavy back then! Anyways, I can vividly remember that morning. We were in our classroom, we were getting told our rules, and all of the adults that were going along were pressed up against the wall talking amongst themselves.

In all honesty, this was our first big trip, the year before in first grade our trip was to go to Holiday World, which was fine. I had never been there before either, but we were first graders, there’s not much for us to do because we were so small. This was a whole other trip, this cave was a lot more dangerous, you could get lost, and if you did you would get to spend the rest of your day on the bus by yourself while everybody had fun without you. That’s what we were always told in school. Anyways, we didn’t bring my wheelchair. My mom and nana left it at school, so we told the stroller instead. It was smaller and lighter. We got on the bus and headed off.

Once we got there, I was put into this thing, and I was all pumped up! We had studied about the caves before the trip in school, so to actually see one was pretty cool! Our tour guide, was talking about the cave and the history about it. I was memorized by how it all looked. There were lights all around the cave to make it less freaky. Which I was pretty happy about that, because I was scared of the dark–still am–and it just looked cooler with these bright colors coming from different spots. There was a part of the cave that I couldn’t go on. It had lots of steps to it and my dad had done a lot of packing everything around so lifting me for what looked like a balcony wasn’t really worth it. I’m sure I wasn’t happy, but I got over it.

The whole adventure was amazing. If I could I would probably go to the three caves. That would be cool. This story is starting to help me understand why I love the show Cities Of The Underworld so much. I can watch that show a hundred times and probably never get tired of it. It is all so interesting to me and I’ve never understood why it does. To leave you with something funny, after we left and got to the school. My mom and nana were there ready to bring us inside the school. After dad carried me off the bus and into my wheelchair. I was very happy to get into something I could control.  The one time I wear shoes and this happened. Somebody behind me had told us “bye” and we were already up by the doors, so I went to wave with my right foot and I kept driving with left foot, I got my right foot stuck inside the door. I pulled my foot back enough that I actually thought I had broken it. I didn’t, thank god, but I sure as hell never did that ever again.