Things I’ll See On My Walks

I don’t get to go on walks that much anymore. Whenever we’d go to my nana’s for the weekend and if we had lots of family down. We’d bring my wheelchair and sometimes, it mostly happens around Thanksgiving. My nana’s kitchen is pretty small. If we have a lot of people in there, the younger ones usually get kicked out of the kitchen. We usually go outside and do our own thing. Before there use to be a porch swing and everybody sit on it. I’d sit in my chair and go rolling (walking) around the block. I would do this about four or five times. Depending how much juice my chair would have left. That would be my time alone and I’d look around the neighborhood.

Walking around my neighborhood is a lot more difficult than my nana’s. Half of my nana’s neighborhood has a sidewalk, until you get to the right side. My side doesn’t have a sidewalk until you get the highway. We usually start there and go around the “donut” and walk along there and go straight and go back to the sidewalk to go back home. That first sidewalk to start is a bitch to drive through. Half of the blocks are cut and it makes it rough to get around, so if I can’t get through I’d go on the grass or the road. When the sidewalk is fine again I go back to the sidewalk. It’s all fun, trust me.

Around the “donut” are a bunch of pretty houses. Some are on hills and have big backyards. One thing you never want to do is go on a walk when someone is mowing. You will hope they’re mowing on the opposite of where you are, because your sinuses will hate you later on. That’s autumn for you! Anyways, since you’re walking on the road, you will have one or two cars behind you and in my case, I can’t pull over fast enough and sometimes I can’t even pull off the road because where the hills are. There is a hill that goes down into a little sewage drain of water. It’s disgusting and I’m always happy to not be walking on that side, because if a car would come through I’d probably fall right into it. That would not be pretty.

One time we walked around and we were halfway there and this really small, but fast white dog came running and barking to us. We weren’t even paying attention until it started barking and we freaked out. The owner was in the backyard and said he was sorry and he won’t bite us. He was really cute–the dog, not the guy–that usually never happens. Once I went trick-or-treating with my cousin Chris and his now wife and her son Dalas around the “donut” and it was so cute to see little Halloween costumes around tricking or treating. It was like 9 or 10pm so it was starting to get dark outside and I had never gone walking outside. It was so much fun, but very tiring! It’s really sad when I went with them, I even got candy. I wasn’t in costume or anything, I just got candy. Not complaining though, even though I think between my dad and sister they ate most of my candy. Oh well!

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