Things I Can Do For My Birthday

My friend on my Facebook put a bunch of links on her profile, which came up on my news feed, of what she wants for her birthday. Ironically enough, I’ve been thinking about doing something like what she did, but I wanted to incorporate my bucket list into it. I have a long list if you haven’t notice. There are a lot that I can do for my birthday, taking a trip far away isn’t something I can do. So I started thinking of things to do in case, my first plan sucks. So this is what I was thinking. Technically, this can be done in a matter of four days since my birthday is on a Thursday, that is my Vampire Diaries day. I can do these things for four days. The party never ends, and by the way, I plan on partying sober.

Put mentos in diet coke.
Go to Barnes & Nobles.
Go to Starbucks.
If B&N doesn’t work out, go shopping.
Get a Five Finger Death Punch hoodie.
 Get a Ashba Swag shirt.
Rock bold lipstick.
Spend an entire day watching Disney movies.
Dye my hair purple.
Order dessert first at a restaurant.
Get a tattoo.
Blast music at 3 in the morning (yeah, that’s not gonna happen.)
Be happy.
Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years.
 Recieve an Edible Arrangement.