Where The Heart Is

For years since I can remember I would say to myself and others I wanted to move as far away from this place and forget about everything here. Everybody that lives here has said this more than once. I’ve heard tons of people complain about where they live and listen to their dreams of leaving everything behind once they’re old enough. I said I’d move away from the Midwest once I found a way. I have never found a way and don’t really want to move anymore. This is my home. This is what I’m use to and I have family here. I can’t just leave it all behind like I thought I would be able to do. Home is where the home is and my heart is here.

The things I like about where I live besides my family. I like the fact that it’s a small town, even though more and more people keep moving here. Nobody quite understands why, and neither do I. It can be pretty boring at times. The nearest movies is about a half hour away, depending how fast you drive. Normally, it takes an hour to the nearest city, but since they’re fixing the big interstate, it will be a quicker way to get where you want to. You’re surrounded by corn fields. My dad acts like a country boy, and he would pretty much do anything to move out to the country, or anywhere else to be honest with you. It feels like a small town. It will always feel like a small town, no matter how many people move here.

Our weather is brutal. We hardly get a fall at all. It will go from summer to winter in a matter of two months. Last year was an off-year for our seasons. Our summer temps reached as far up as the west coast. It was insane! This year was the same too. I think we might get a fall this year. I might get to watch the leaves change to red and fall off the trees this year. Since our temps were so high until mid-September, half of the trees still had green leaves. Usually by November, we get two snow showers. It snowed two days before December and it didn’t snow again until mid-December. We didn’t have any snow for the holidays. The kids didn’t get to stay at home from school in December from the snow storms because we never had one. Our winter begins in late-November and last up until mid-April. Once it snowed on Prom night, but that was a few years before I went. We usually get big snow storms beginning of January, and we never did. I’m hoping for some real snow this year. I think everybody would prefer not a lot of snow, but you know.